Top 10 CBD Drinks

April 21, 2020

As more and more people discover the benefits of using CBD, it’s no surprise that CBD brands are looking for new, innovative, and more convenient ways to help CBD users get their daily dose of CBD. While many people are familiar with CBD edibles – foods that are made with CBD oil – not as many people know that there are CBD-infused drinks as well. Portable, easy-to-take, and available in a variety of types – from CBD coffee to CBD hot chocolate to CBD water – CBD drinks are quickly becoming a popular choice among both new and experienced CBD users.

CBD Drinks Let You Drink Your Daily Dose of CBD

Before we get into our list of the best CBD drinks, we’re going to give a little background about CBD drinks – what they are and what CBD drinks are good for. If you already know about CBD drinks, you can just jump over to our list of top 10 CBD Drinks.

What Are CBD Drinks?

Generally, CBD drinks are made by infusing CBD oil into a typical beverage, like tea, water or coffee. However, with the recent passage of the 2018 Farm Bill, new types of CBD beverages are hitting the market including CBD hot cocoa, CBD energy drinks, and even CBD wine! As long as the beverage contains less than 0.3% THC or is THC-Free, CBD drinks are legal in the United States.

CBD drinks are made with CBD oil that contains little to no THC, so there are no psychoactive effects that cause the “high” feeling.

You can easily make your own favorite CBD drink at home by mixing a high-quality CBD oil in to your favorite brewed drink.

What Are the Benefits of Taking CBD Drinks?

Drinking CBD may help reduce stress and anxiety, promote a sense of calm, and offers other potential health benefits.

There are many potential benefits to CBD drinks, which are due to the infusion of CBD oil into the drink. The wellness benefits of cannabidiol (CBD) range from pain relief, reducing stress or anxiety, inducing relaxation and more. Studies have also shown CBD may be a powerful anti-inflammatory. CBD beverages infused with CBD oil share these benefits, making them a great addition to your daily health and wellness routine.

CBD drinks have quickly become a convenient and inconspicuous way to take CBD, whether at home or on-the-go. Opting for single-serving containers allows users to know more accurately how much CBD they are getting per dose.

Now that we’ve shared a little background about CBD drinks and the benefits of CBD drinks, here are some of the best CBD drinks that are available on the market today.

Top 10 CBD Drinks

1. CBD Living Water – $4.99

This innovative CBD drink from CBD Living makes it easy to stay hydrated while getting your daily CBD. Each 500ml bottle of water contains 10 mg of 100% organic and natural hemp CBD.

2. Koi CBD Wellness Shots – $4.99

Koi CBD Wellness shots are the quickest way to restore balance. Each 2.5oz bottle contains 25mg of the highest-quality hemp extract available. Try the Peach Iced Tea flavor, which also has melatonin, as a sleep aid. Or enjoy the Watermelon and Raspberry Punch flavors as a daily supplement to bring balance to your day in the most convenient and refreshing way.

3. Bhang Hemp Wellness Beet Shot 25 mg CBD – $7.99

Get a natural energy boost with this CBD Beet Shot from Bhang Hemp Wellness. Bhang’s Beet Shot blends 3 whole beets and 25 mg of CBD. It is made with Organic Beet juice and Natural Hemp Extract to give the health benefits associated with beet juice and CBD.

Joybird Hemp Beverage - Strawberry Lemonade - 12oz
Joybird’s Strawberry Lemonade Hemp Beverage is designed to help you recover, rehydrate, and relax.

4. Joybird Hemp Beverage – Strawberry Lemonade – $5.99

With a blast of fresh strawberries combined with the distinct tart sweetness of hand-squeezed lemonade, this Joybird Strawberry Lemonade hemp beverage brings you a refreshing drink that will knock your socks off. Containing 12mg of fast-acting, full-spectrum CBD oil, this bottled, CBD-infused drink helps bring relaxation and focus. These Joybird Hemp Beverages are also available in Berry Mash Up and Tangy Citrus flavors.

5. CBDFx CBD Lemonade CBD Chill Shot (20MG) – $5.99

When you’re looking for a refreshing and relaxing drink, this lemonade CBD Chill Shot from CBDFx delivers. Best served cold, this Lemonade flavored, ready-to-drink CBD shot contains 20mg of organically farmed, full-spectrum CBD. It also contains 200mg of L-Theanine, a powerful amino acid that works to improve your body’s natural defense systems. CBDFx Chill Shot Berry flavor is also available.

6. Miracle Nutritional Products CBD Hot Chocolate – $12.99

Warm up while you relax with a mug of hot cocolate. Combining delicious Special Blend Dutch Cocoa with 300mg of CBD, this CBD hot chocolate is a sweet way to unwind. This tasty CBD-infused hot chocolate contains 0% THC.

7. CBD Coffee Cold Brew Blend – $33.99/bag

When you want that rich coffee flavor with a lower acidity level, this CBD Coffee Cold Brew Blend is the answer. Just use your favorite cold-brewing method to brew and enjoy a cup for an energy boost to get you going. Made with 100% organic Arabica coffee, each bag contains 300mg  of proprietary full-spectrum hemp oil blend with naturally occurring cannabinoids, including CBD, CBG, CBN, and CBDA.

8. Tranquility CBD Coffee – $36/12 oz bag (36 servings)

Tranquility Teas provide a delightfully tranquil, relaxing, and stress-relieving experience. Their Tranquility coffee is smooth and robust. It’s an aromatic organic Columbian roast infused with 25mg of exceptionally high-quality Oregon grown hemp-derived CBD per serving. Get a nice pick-me-up without the jittery effects of caffeine.

Easily enjoy your daily dose of CBD with these CBD-infused teas.

9. Marley Mellow Mood CBD Infused Tea – $5.99

With 25mg of CBD per can, Marley’s CBD-infused teas are made with a custom blend of relaxing herbs and CBD in a mellow decaffeinated tea designed to sharpen your senses and bring you into perfect harmony with the world around you. 

Marley’s relaxing CBD infused teas are available in Peach Raspberry, Lemon Raspberry, and Herbal Honey flavors.

10. Green Roads CBD Chamomile Tea – $5.99

Enjoying the soothing properties of chamomile and CBD in this flavorful and aromatic chamomile CBD tea from Green Reads. This CBD-infused tea was formulated to help calm your body and mind.

In addition to the more familiar CBD drinks, there are flawless CBD drinks and new CBD drink mixes hitting the market.

Best CBD Drink Powders

CBD drink powders are convenient powdered drink mixes you use to make a CBD beverage. CBD drink mixes come in containers or individual packets. Just add the mix to water or your preferred liquid and enjoy a tasty CBD drink wherever you are.

Savage CBD Drink Powder – $49.99/12 oz container (24 servings)

Designed for CBD users with active lifestyles, Savage’s CBD Drink Powder uses Nano-Spectrum CBD and is a delicious way to get your daily CBD. This Savage CBD premium drink mix is available in Lemonade (Focus & Concentration), Pink Lemonade (Relax & Rest), and Orange-Ade (Awake & Vitamin C) flavors.

Biosteel’s Chocolate-Flavored CBD Isolate Protein Blend is designed to support muscle repair using three whey protein sources — isolate, milk, and egg.

BioSteel CBD Powders – Starting at $39.99

If you’re looking for a CBD-infused, healthy sports drink, look no further than BioSteel CBD drink powders. Available in unflavored, vanilla, and chocolate flavors, these CBD Isolate drink mixes and protein blends are NON-GMO, rBGH hormone-free, and contain pure CBD isolate.

Hugs CBD Pick Me Up Drink Mix – $22 (5 pack)

For a non-jittery start to your day, just add this berry-flavored CBD Drink mix to water and enjoy. Hugs Pick Me Up is great tasting and formulated with CBD, caffeine, and vitamins. It helps you get a smooth start to your day or get an afternoon boost.

We hope you’ve found this CBD drink guide useful. There are so many potential benefits to taking CBD each day, and the best CBD drinks make it convenient and delicious to do that.

Do you have a favorite CBD-infused drink?

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