5 Best Hemp & CBD Subscription Boxes

August 6, 2020

The Hemp Farming Act of 2018 legalized hemp products (cannabis products with less than 0.3% THC) in all 50 states. Now, hemp and hemp-derived CBD products are quickly growing in popularity as an all-natural treatment for pain management, stress relief, muscle aches, and a variety of other ailments. But with so many new and emerging CBD products and CBD brands, it can be overwhelming to know which products to try. Hemp and CBD subscription boxes have become a popular way for both new and experienced CBD users to learn about and try different CBD items.

5 Best Hemp & CBD Subscription Boxes

Hemp and CBD subscription boxes offer a fun and convenient way to discover and try a variety of CBD products. These monthly CBD boxes will deliver a surprise collection of CBD products and CBD accessories right to your door. Keep reading to learn about some of the best CBD subscription boxes that deliver new and exciting CBD products for you to try and fall in love with.

What are Subscription Boxes

If you aren’t familiar with what subscription boxes are, here’s a quick breakdown. When you subscribe to a subscription box, you’re agreeing to receive monthly (or quarterly) boxes featuring a surprise collection of products. There are many different types of subscription boxes out there – from beauty boxes to monthly snack boxes, clothing subscription boxes, and even hemp and CBD subscription boxes.

Usually, customers don’t know what they’re getting each month, however, most boxes guarantee a minimum value of product in every box. Subscription Boxes are a fun way to discover new and different CBD products every month.

What Types of Products Do You Get in Hemp and CBD Subscription Boxes

The products you’ll receive in your CBD monthly subscription box will usually vary from month to month. The best CBD subscription box has a mix of CBD products and accessories, like CBD oils along with edibles, tinctures, capsules, and CBD beauty products like lotions or CBD bath bombs! We’ve also found one hemp flower subscription box that delivers smoke-able hemp flowers every month.

Best Hemp & CBD Subscription Boxes for You to Try

1. Cure Crate

Cure Create is a monthly, personalized CBD subscription box. They start subscriptions with a quiz that helps them understand your own personal wellness needs and tastes. Then, they curate your monthly CBD subscription box to include top rated and quality tested CBD products that best suit your needs and preferences. Every Cure Crate includes at least $120 worth of CBD products including CBD oils, CBD gummies, CBD drinks, CBD topicals, CBD bath bombs, and so much more.

Cure Crate subscriptions start at $56.67 per month. Monthly, 3 month, 6 month, and 12 month subscriptions are available.

2. Cannaflower Club Box

Cannaflower Club Box

Cannaflower Club Box is a great way to receive small batch CBD flower for you to smoke at home. This monthly CBD flower subscription box delivers exclusive strains and farm favorite strains, cultivated by in-house experts. Cannaflower hemp flowers are 100% naturally grown in organic soil and are cured in cellared glass jars for at least 60 days.

Monthly Cannaflower Club Box subscriptions are available for $49.95 per month.

1 bottle, 2 bottle, and 3 bottle Dollar-a-Day CBD subscriptions are available, starting at $30 per month.

3. Zatural CBD Subscription Box

Whether you just want to try basic CBD products or you’re looking for the best and newest CBD products from Zatural CBD, you’ll get the opportunity to try a variety of CBD products for your needs. Each month, Zatural CBD sends a diverse selection of CBD Tinctures, CBD Topicals, CBD Edibles, CBD Infused Essential Oil and more CBD for you to try.

Choose from 300mg or 1000mg strength monthly CBD subscription boxes starting at $40.00/month.

4. Hemp Crate Co

Hemp Crate Co CBD Subscription Box

Hemp Crate Co CBD subscription boxes are an easy ways to discover CBD tinctures, balms, CBD edibles, pet products and more CBD products.

Hemp Crate Co offers 3 themed boxes of premium CBD products so you can try the best CBD products for you or even your pet! Boxes are available in two sizes. The Starter Box contains 4-6 items and the Pro box has 5-8 items.

Subscriptions start at $44.99/month for the Starter Box size and $69.99/month fo the Pro Size Hemp Crate.

Hemp Crate also has a CBD Flower Club subscription box that delivers 8 grams of curated CBD flower to your door every month.

5. Greenwell Pet Box

Greenwell Pet Box is a monthly CBD box for dog owners. Each month, Greenwell Pet Box sends a curated collection of health and wellness products for dogs right to your door. Each box contains 5-8 wellness items and at least 3 will be hemp products. Discover new, high-quality CBD products for dogs like CBD oils, chews, treats, shampoo, and toys. Boxes also contain in-depth information about each product and its benefits.

Greenwell Pet Box subscriptions are $39/ month. One time CBD dog box purchases are also available.

Have you tried any of these popular hemp and CBD subscription boxes?

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