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  • Be Trū Wellness™ SOUL Spray


    Be Trū Wellness™ SOUL Spray contains their nano-emulsified hemp extract. Using their own revolutionary nano-technology, nano-emulsified hemp extract offers smaller, more bioavailable doses for optimal absorption offering faster, more targeted delivery and better product performance within the body. Be Trū Wellness™ SOUL Spray also contains three other very powerful adaptogenic superfoods: Panax Ginseng, Astragulus, and Goji berry extract to provide you with a tasty intra-oral delivery system you are guaranteed to love!

  • CBD For Life CBD Oral Spray


    Fast absorbing and fast acting, CBD for Life’s Oral Spray is easy and convenient to take—just spray under your tongue. Keep one in your desk drawer, bedside table or handbag for a quick spray when you need it most.

    Contains 100mg CBD

  • Elevate® Hemp Extract Oral Spray Strawberry – 7.5ml, 60mg


    If you’ve been searching for a safe and effective alternative for quickly delivering your CBD both at home and on the go. Then the Oral CBD Spray by Elevate CBD was made for you! Elevate® Hemp Extract Oral Spray delivers a great serving of fast-acting Hemp Extract Oil that’s quickly absorbed to start working fast on pain or stress, even migraines.

    Elevate® Hemp Extract Oral Spray is also available in 6 flavors (Citrus, Fresh Mint, Peach, Strawberry, All Natural Mint, All Natural Cinnamon) and in 2 sizes (7.5ml, 30m).

    • Stress Relief support
    • Assistance for migraine sufferers
    • Quick on the go full-spectrum hemp spray for stress relief
    • 7.5ml bottle has 60mg of Cannabinoid per bottle
  • Life Bloom Organics CBD Oral Spray – PMS


    That time of the month? Life Bloom Organics ‘Nano’ hemp is formulated with vitamin B-6, magnesium, chasteberry and calcium to help ease common PMS discomfort such as bloating, fatigue, cramps, and mood swings.

    Made with certified organic, non-GMO hemp extract grown in the USA, Life Bloom Organics CBD Oral Spray – PMS utilizes an innovative nanotized delivery method allowing for a higher bioavailability and faster absorption.

  • Nuhumun MicroMist


    If you need a quick and easy way to consume CBD, it’s hard to compete with nuhumun CBD MicroMist. Getting your daily dose is an easy, quick, and precise spray beneath your tongue.

    • Available in Regular and Extra Strengths


  • Nuhumun MicroMist Spray Vanilla Restful Sleep


    If you’re looking for a way to fall asleep faster and stay asleep, this CBD oral spray with melatonin may be exactly what you need for a more restful night. Nuhumun MicroMist Spray Vanilla Restful Sleep offers the power of CBD and melatonin combined.

Showing all 6 results