Discover the benefits of CBD for pets by browsing through our list of CBD products for pets.

Get rid of pet anxiety and pain from the best combination of CBD. Although all mammals possess a functioning endocannabinoid system that controls their cognitive activities, it is important to note that the level of activity differs from one species to the other. To this end, all CBD products must be formulated to meet the demands of the endocannabinoid system in those animals. When it comes to reducing pet anxiety, improving pet comfort, pain relief, appetite, reduction in skin-related conditions, and a host of other pet-related challenges, CBD seems to have a good level of activity. It also takes care of possible allergic reactions from pets.

All CBD products distributed are from reputable brands handpicked by highly qualified CBD experts who understand pet needs and marries them with the right product. Our CBD products for pets contain zero THC with an excellent cannabinoid profile containing CBD, CBG, CBC, CBN, and terpenes. This supports an entourage effect for improved activity.

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  • 43 CBD Solutions 500mg Furry Friends CBD Formula


    This 500mg furry friends formula is made from a smart blend of full spectrum hemp oil and sustainably harvested Omega-3 anchovy fish oil. Add to daily food regime at a rate of 2 drops per 10lb of weight.

  • American Hemp Oil 250mg CBD Oil for Pets


    Directions for using American Hemp Oil: 250mg CBD Oil For Pets:

    Dogs up to 75lb it is recommended to start at 5mg-10mg per serving once or twice a day or as needed.
    Dogs 75lb or heavier it is recommended 10mg-20mg per serving once or twice a day.
    Cats it is recommended for 5mg-10mg per serving once or twice daily.
    The effects of the CBD drops will be felt within 10 minutes and sometimes immediately after it is absorbed.
    Always start at a low dose to see how your pet responds and increase the dosage by 5mg each time until your pet has the desired result.
    Before adding any nutritional supplement to their diet, it is important to speak with your veterinarian first.

  • AndHemp Pets – Tincture


    AndPets Tincture is a simple way to bring relief to your cherished pet in a matter of minutes. Just a few drops can soothe aches and pains in your pet and can help them a little bit happier. Whether your pet suffers from emotional or physical ailments, this specially formulated tincture can offer much-needed relief quickly and effectively.

    • Made from THC Free Broad Spectrum Distillate
    • Grown, Harvested and Tested in the USA
    • Available at 250mg and 500mg strengths
  • Axis Labs CBD For Pets, Hemp Derived Oil, Bacon Flavor Liquid, 1 oz


    Now pets can enjoy the same natural healing effects of CBD as their owners! This delicious bacon flavored CBD oil can easily be added to your pet’s food.

    Axis Labs CBD For Pets

    • For Cats & Dogs.
    • Hemp Derived Oil.
    • Full Spectrum.
    • 5mg per Serving.
    • 250 Mg CBD Bottle.
    • Calming Relief.
    • Great Bacon Taste.
    • Vegan. Non-GMO.
  • Be Trū Wellness Catchies® Hemp Oil – Catnip 30ml


    Catchies® Feline Hemp Oil with Coconut Oil and Catnip Oil Extract. One bottle contains 150 mg of organic hemp extract.

  • Cannivore Pet Farmacy Comfort Pet CBD Oil by Kat’s Naturals


    Comfort is Cannivore Pet Farmacy’s full spectrum formula blended with organic MCT oil and no added ingredients or fillers. Comfort doses contain multiple hemp terpenes and cannabinoids including trace amounts of THC to help your pet get the most out of each dose. Comfort was designed for animals of all ages from puppy to geriatrics.

    Whether you are looking to boost health, increase stamina or simply prevent the host of issues that can be associated with aging, this is the product for you. Comfort is a full spectrum product, it does have a slight herbal taste.

    • CBD PER OZ: 500mg or 1500mg
  • Cannivore Pet Farmacy Mend Pet CBD by Kat’s Naturals


    Cannivore Pet Farmacy Mend Pet CBD was designed by Kat’s Naturals using only top quality ingredients and helps to address one of the most seen problems in veterinary health: EARS. Mend was formulated by a Master Herbalist with input from a holistic vet to make sure that your pet gets only the very best.

    Heal and protect your pet’s ears with this high-quality formulation.

    • CBD PER OZ: 1500mg
    • CBD PER ML: 50mg
    • MG CBD PER DROP: 2.50
    • CBG PER ML: 13.33mg
    • CBC PER ML: 26.66mg
  • Cannivore Pet Farmacy Rally Pet CBD Oil by Kat’s Naturals


    Rally, Cannivore Pet Farmacy’s signature blend, features precise amounts of three cutting edge cannabinoids that have been found to enhance the effects of CBD and target more specific health concerns, making it a cut above the rest.

    Crafted with your aging pet in mind, this blend is sold with a metered-dose syringe so your pet gets exactly what it needs with every single dose. Rally was formulated by Cannivore Pet Farmacy’s Master Herbalist with input from a holistic vet to make sure that your pet gets only the very best.

    • CBD PER OZ: 1500mg
    • CBD PER ML: 50mg
    • MG CBD PER DROP: 2.50
    • CBG PER ML: 13.33mg
    • CBC PER ML: 26.66mg
  • cbdMD CBD Oil Drops for Cats – Catnip 30mL


    cbdMD CBD Oil Drops for Cats – Catnip Flavor 30mL Bottle.

    cbdMD knows that your pets deserve the best – that’s why they developed CBD oil tincture drops specifically for cats. cbdMD CBD oil for cats is human grade and guaranteed 100% organic, non-GMO, vegan, and gluten-free. Mixed with a combination of catnip extract with zero additives, it is the ideal way for your furry companion to get the most out of CBD.

  • Charlotte’s Web Canine Hemp Infused Balm


    Charlotte’s Web Hemp Infused Balm with naturally occurring CBD was made specifically for dogs with sensitive skin. This hemp balm for dogs helps maintain the skin’s normal moisture content and overall skin health.

    • USA Grown Hemp
    • Available in a 1.5oz tin
    • Soothing scent
    • 450 mg Hemp Extract
  • EMPE-USA CBD Pet Treats – Steak


    The image of a rib-eye steak brings back memories of dogs chomping on bones in a state of absolute bliss. EMPE’s CBD mini steak treats bring back the aroma and taste of real steak, but in a chewy, easy to digest package. EMPE-USA CBD Pet Treats – Steak are fun treats that your dog is sure to love.

  • EMPE-USA CBD Spray for Pets


    EMPE-USA CBD Spray for Pets is a simple and versatile way to add 100% natural CBD to your pet’s diet! While CBD dog treats are a great method of delivery, EMPE’s CBD Pet Spray can be added to any type of pet food or treat. It can also be sprayed directly into your pet’s mouth or water bowl.

  • EMPE-USA CBD Tincture For Cats – Salmon Flavor


    EMPE-USA CBD Tincture For Cats is a great way to add 100% natural CBD, as well as a host of other potentially beneficial cannabinoids, to your pet’s diet. It can be added to your best friend’s water, or simply placed directly into their mouths for nearly instant relief.

    All of EMPE’s pet care products are made with non-toxic ingredients to ensure your pet is getting the treatment they deserve.

    • 150mg of CBD per bottle
  • Good Goo Animal CBD Massage Oil – Arnica


    Good Goo Animal Care Massage Oil uses the power of arnica, peppermint, and ginger to help soothe muscles and temporarily relieve pain.

    • Liquid massage oil formulated with 50 mg full-spectrum hemp oil.
    • Designed to comfort aches and muscle pains with all-natural ingredients.
    • Contains a soothing blend of arnica, peppermint and ginger.
    • 100% all natural and cruelty-free.
    • Made in the USA—safe for pet owners too!
  • Good Goo Animal CBD Tincture Oil 30ml 750mg


    Good Goo Animal CBD Tincture Oil is a natural hemp oil containing high grade CBD made from 100% industrial non-GMO hemp.

    Vegan and Gluten Free.

    750mg of CBD per 30mL bottle.

  • Green Gorilla CBD Oil For Horses 7500 mg


    Green Gorilla Organic CBD Oil For Horses with 7500 mg of Cannabidiol (CBD), Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Organic Phytocannabinoid Hemp Extract, and GG BioEnhanced Complex™.

    Available in 2fl oz. (60ml) Each pump delivers approximately 50mg of CBD.

  • Greenwell Pet Box


    Help your furry friends live a higher quality of life with a monthly CBD box from Greenwell Pets. Greenwell Pet Box is a monthly box for dog owners who want to give their dogs the best benefits of CBD at one low price. Every month, your dog gets a curated box of health and wellness products to help relieve their stress, joint pain, skin issues, or other ailments.

    Boxes include box a curated collection of health and wellness related treats, oil, grooming products, and/or toy every month. Every Greenwell Pet Box has 3 CBD/hemp products and 2-5 health and well-being items such as a toy or grooming product made with earth-friendly materials.

    Give your dog exactly what they need to live their best life with Greenwell Pet Box! It’s the best way to find new products that actually help your dog!

    Monthly subscriptions and Single Box purchases are available.

  • Harmony Hemp Stress & Anxiety Pet Chews 120 chews


    Harmony Hemp Stress & Anxiety Pet Chews have been formulated using a natural formula to help support a healthy response to occasional stress.

    Each canister contains 120 duck flavored pet chews.

  • Healthy Hemptations


    Healthy Hemptations is a monthly CBD subscription box run by Family Owned Organic Hemp Farmers in Colorado. CBD delivered from the Farm to your Door – straight from the source.

    Each Healthy Hemptations box is discreetly shipped and curated for those who seek the healing effects of nature. Monthly CBD boxes include CBD, tinctures, smokable, pain relief lotion, pet care, skin & hair care, edibles, sleep aids and more! Discover CBD pain relief for people AND their pets.

    • 100% Certified Organic CBD Products
    • A variety of Professionally Curated Boxes to Choose From
    • CBD & Educational Information in Each Box
    • Discreet Packaging for customers
  • Heelr Bacon Flavor Tincture


    Help promote relaxation, maintain joint mobility, and manage normal stress with Heelr Bacon Flavor Tincture. These natural and easy-to-administer tinctures are designed for dogs and cats.

    Heelr Bacon Flavor Tincture Details:

    • Hemp oil
    • 250 mg CBD, 30 mL / 1 fl oz (30 ml)

    Shipping not yet available for Idaho, Iowa and South Dakota

  • Heelr Calming & Relaxation Chews


    Stay cool with thunder & fireworks! Heelr Calming & Relaxation Chews may help to keep your dogs and cats calm. Made with hemp oil and natural ingredients, these chews help your pets’ emotional balance.

    Heelr Calming & Relaxation Chews Details:

    • Natural ingredients
    • 2.5 mg CBD per chew
    • 30 chews per bag

    Shipping not yet available for Idaho, Iowa and South Dakota

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