CBD honey; a new definition of sweetness and wellness in a single product

Enjoy CBD honey as a sweet treat, ingredient, or add it to your favorite beverage! What could be sweeter than having honey infused with one of the most active antioxidants in the world, coupled with lots of other benefits including maintenance of internal balance, improve mood, relaxation, pain relief, and a several other benefits?

Delivering an active concentration of CBD has always been a thing of challenge hence the need to always combine CBD with other carrier molecules for better delivery and bioavailability. In most cases, these carrier molecules, like honey, also possess some therapeutic benefits which may serve to improve the intended benefits of CBD while present in the bloodstream.

It is pertinent to note that honey is produced an instantaneous effect when ingested, and this can serve to transport CBD to the bloodstream for a fast activity and interaction with the cannabinoid receptors. This will also help to balance the body and improve the possible potential benefits of both products. 

All CBD honey sticks are infused with CBD to leverage the numerous benefits of the non-psychoactive cannabinoid. Our collection of CBD-infused honey and honey sticks contains less than 0.3% THC and come from approved manufacturers only. 

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  • Colorado Hemp Honey Sticks (150 mg CBD per 10 pack)


    Delicious Honey! 15 mg CBD per stick / 150 mg per 10 pack

    Colorado Hemp Honey Sticks comes in 3 tasty flavors:

    • Ginger Soothe
    • Raw Relief
    • Lemon Stress Less
  • EMPE CBD Honey Sticks – 25 Pack


    EMPE CBD Honey Sticks are individually packaged CBD infused honey sticks. Simply cut the packaging of the thin, translucent tubes of honey and pour onto your food, drink or enjoy it right out of the tube.

  • Frontier Jackson CBD Honey Stix


    Enjoy the fresh taste of all-natural honey, packed with 10 mgs of full spectrum CBD hemp oil, giving your body the benefits offered by over 100 cannabinoids, flavonoids, terpenes, and more.

    Frontier Jackson CBD Honey Stix are all lab tested and certified, so you know that when you take one, you’re getting only the highest quality ingredients.

    • 10 honey stix
    • 10 mg of full spectrum CBD per stick
    • All-natural ingredients
  • Hemp Symmetry 10mg CBD Honey Stick Pack of 8


    Hemp Symmetry’s delicious infused honey sticks allow you to supercharge your immune system and take your CBD with you wherever you go. Whether eaten by themselves or blended into hot tea, each decadent honey stick provides 10mg of CBD-rich hemp oil blended with all-natural, locally sourced honey. Get them in an 8-Pack.

  • Seven Points CBD Infused Raw Honey 12oz 500mg


    The sweetest way to add CBD to your daily routine is with Seven Points CBD Infused Raw Honey. This gourmet CBD honey is produced by bees in the Rio Grande Valley, New Mexico, USA.

    Each 12oz (wt) jar contains 500mg Full Spectrum CBD and translates to approximately 7mg per serving. Give Seven Points CBD Infused Raw Honey a try, 14 million bees can’t be wrong.

  • The Brothers Apothecary Wild Rosin CBD Honey


    The Brothers Apothecary Wild Rosin CBD Honey is passionately handcrafted with full-spectrum Hemp Rosin & blended with raw wildflower honey.

    • Full-Spectrum Rosin
    • 100% Raw Wildflower Honey
    • 250-500MG CBD Sizes

Showing all 6 results