Discover the best CBD beauty products to help your face and skin look and feel nourished and healthy in the Best CBD Finder online CBD beauty store. From anti-aging creams to lip balms to bath bombs, shop a variety of high-quality CBD beauty and skincare products made with hemp-based CBD oil.

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  • Abinoid Botanicals CBD Face Serum (100mg CBD per 1oz)


    Give your skin a natural, healthy glow with Abinoid Botanicals CBD Face Serum.

    • 100mg CBD per 1oz
    • Features 23 powerful botanical herbs

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  • Abinoid Botanicals CBD Skin Care Kit


    Make the switch to an all-natural skincare routine with the Abinoid Botanicals CBD skincare kit. Made only with ingredients found in nature, the Abinoid Botanicals skincare kit features four uniquely powerful products to cleanse, nourish, and hydrate your skin.

  • AndHemp Topical Lip Balm


    AndHemp Topical Lip Balm is perfect for keeping those chapped lips in check. Cold weather can dry out your sultry pout, while warm weather can make you forget that your lips need moisture. Add this Peppermint CBD Lip Balm by AndHemp to your daily skincare routine and keep your lips ready for soft and gentle kisses every time!

    • Made from THC Free Broad Spectrum Distillate
    • Grown, Harvested and Tested in the USA
  • Cannatera Beauty Ageless System


    The Cannatera Beauty Ageless system includes all three incredible products with the Refresh Cleanser, Revive Serum and Renew Moisturizer. Each active ingredient in the Cannatera Beauty brand was chosen to leave your skin hydrated with a balanced glow. So try the Cannatera Beauty Ageless System today!

  • Cannatera Refresh Cleanser


    Cannatera Refresh Cleansing Gel provides a gentle cleanse to your skin utilizing Cannabinoid-rich hemp extract, essential oils, fresh enzymes, and plant extracts. Using this cleanser will help keep your skin feeling hydrated, balanced, and soothed. Cannatera’s cleanser is full of antioxidants that keep your skin rejuvenated and promotes calm and glowing skin.

  • Cannatera Renew Moisturizer


    Cannatera Renew Facial Moisturizer features a rich and velvety moisturizer that offers anti-aging properties with every pump. Formulated with pomegranate, sunflower, carrot, lavender, avocado, shea butter, and our signature hemp extract, this moisturizer will have your skin glowing with pride as well as illuminating your natural beauty and restoring your skin to its natural flawless complexion!

  • Cannatera Revive Serum


    Cannatera Revive is an all-in-one facial serum formulated to revitalize your skin. This potent serum made with cannabinoid-rich hemp extract increases cell turnover, resurfaces the skin, and reduces breakouts, all while keeping inflammation at bay.

    Several plant extracts are used to protect your gentle skin against UV damage and blue light-induced skin damage, while other potent active ingredients come together to resurrect your skin to its youthful beauty. As a result, your skin will return to its soft, supple, and blemish-free glory.

  • CBD Daily Salve + Lip Balm


    CBD Daily Salve + Lip Balm is the perfect size for your gym bags, purses, or to keep in the car! This creamy formula is great for targeting painful aches throughout the body, as well as soothing and moisturizing lips.  CBD Daily Salve + Lip Balm contains Hemp CBD, plus Coconut and Soybean Oils and Shea Butter, and is fast absorbing while providing instant relief.

  • CBD Daily Soothing Serum 20ml


    CBD Daily Soothing Serum 20ml is an ultra-concentrated, fast-absorbing product. Packed with essential oils including powerful Hemp CBD, Avocado and Coconut Oils, and other naturally derived ingredients this CBD serum soothes sore muscles, relieves discomfort, and reduces painful aches almost instantly.

    • Also available in Lavender
  • CBD Daily Soothing Serum in Lavender 20ml


    CBD Daily Soothing Serum in Lavender 20ml is an ultra-concentrated, fast-absorbing product. Packed with essential oils including powerful Hemp CBD, Avocado and Coconut Oils, and other naturally derived ingredients this CBD serum soothes sore muscles, relieves discomfort, and reduces painful aches almost instantly.


  • CBDfx CBD Aloe Vera Face Mask – 20mg


    The CBDfx CBD Aloe Vera broad-spectrum face mask is designed to heal and tighten your skin. Infused with aloe vera, this mask will leave your skin feeling refreshed and enhance your natural glow.

  • CBDfx CBD Charcoal Face Mask – 20mg


    The new CBDfx CBD Charcoal Fask Mask is a fast-acting mask that detoxifies, brightens and invigorates normal to oily skin. This revolutionary face mask combines all the benefits of CBD with activated charcoal to clear pores and flush out environmental toxins, dirt, and debris that can cause the skin to look dull. A single 10-minute session with this face mask will leave you feeling refreshed!

  • CBDfx CBD Cucumber Face Mask – 20mg


    Is your skin looking tired and puffy? The CBDfx CBD Cucumber Face Mask is loaded with 20mg of active all-natural, broad-spectrum CBD. Whether your skin’s been feeling dull or you’re looking for a new way to combat issues like acne or inflammation, this mask is a simple and convenient way to refresh your skin.

  • CBDfx CBD Face Mask Bundle – 5 Pack


    Try all of the CBDfx CBD Face Masks with this convenient 5-pack Face Mask bundle! These convenient CBD face masks only takes 10 minutes out of your day, but it deliver a full 20mg of broad-spectrum CBD to help your skin look amazing.

  • CBDfx CBD Rose Face Mask – 20mg


    Imagine the calming fragrance of a delicate, floral rose petal. CBDfx has taken that aromatic fragrance and infused it in a totally organic, broad-spectrum CBD face mask that’s perfect for skin needing a moisturizing boost.

  • CBDfx Lavender CBD Night Face Mask – 20mg


    Replenish your skin and improve your sleep quality with the CBDfx Lavender CBD Night Face Mask. This gently soothing product promotes healthy skin in a calming way. Containing 20mg of active broad-spectrum CBD, this face mask will make you wake up feeling rested and refreshed.

  • CBDistillery CBD Lip Balm – 25mg


    Tired of dry, chapped lips? Perfect your pout with the CBDistillery CBD Lip Balm – 25mg!

    Your lips will love this soothing and moisturizing restorative balm.

  • cbdMD CBD Bath Bomb


    Revitalize and relax sore muscles and joints with cbdMD’s CBD-infused bath bombs. These all-new, refreshing bath bombs are available in six invigorating scents. Each bath bomb contains 100 mg of premium-grade CBD loaded in each one.

    Available fragrances:

    • Romance (Frankincense)
    • Resist (Lavender)
    • Relax (Lavender)
    • Rise (Eucalyptus)
    • Restore (Essential Oil Blend)
    • Rejuvenate (Eucalyptus)

    Also available in a 6-pack multi-pack.

  • CBDMEDIC Acne Medicated Cream


    Give your skin the clear and clean look you deserve through every day use while also allowing your skin to naturally heal with CBDMEDIC advanced ACNE TREATMENT Medicated Cream.

    Formulated with natural ingredients, can quickly clear up blemishes, pimples, blackheads, and whiteheads.

  • CBDMEDIC Natural Foaming Facial Cleanser


    Reveal a fresh, clean face with CBDMEDIC™ NATURAL FOAMING Facial Cleanser. Made with a proprietary formulation designed to provide natural and effective care for sensitive skin, this CBD facial cleanser for acne-prone skin is gentle on the skin and will leave your skin feeling healthy and revitalized!

    Use this CBDMEDIC Acne Facial Cleanser daily to gently wash your skin without drying or clogging pores.

  • Charlotte’s Web Hemp Infused Cream With CBD


    Charlotte’s Web crafted a nourishing botanical blend that includes vitamin B5, aloe, coconut oil, arnica, and shea butter with Charlotte’s Web to take healthy-looking skin to the next level.

    • 2.5oz tube with screw top lid
    • Contain 300 mg of hemp extract per oz.
    • Scented and unscented options. Soothing botanical scent crafted with all-natural essential oils, no synthetic fragrances

Showing 1–21 of 80 results