Savage CBD Gummies Review

October 2, 2019

In this Savage CBD Gummies review, we take a closer look at Savages CBD edible gummies and taste test these gummy worm CBD edibles.

CBD edibles, such as CBD gummies, are one of the easiest ways to take CBD. They’re a great option for taking CBD on-the-go as you don’t need to deal with droppers. CBD gummies are basically gummy candies infused with CBD oil extracted from the hemp plant.

Since these are edible CBD products, it takes longer for the CBD to reach your bloodstream. (Anywhere from 1-6 hours when you eat something with CBD compared to 45 minutes to 1 hour when taken sublingually.) Other factors like weight and whether or not you’ve recently eaten will determine when you start to feel the effects of these CBD gummies.

Savage CBD Gummies Review

Savage CBD Gummies Features

The Savage CBD gummies are shaped like gummy worms. These edible CBD gummies are made with hemp with Cannabidiol (CBD.) Each bag of Savage Gummies contains 6 CBD gummies that have 50mg of CBD each. That’s a total of 300mg of CBD per bag.

Savage CBD makes the third-party lab results for their CBD gummies readily available on their product page. These results showed that this batch of CBD gummies contained 53.7mg of CBD in a 4.71g gummy, or 11.4mg of CBD per gram. There was no observed amount of THC. (THC is the natural cannabis compound that causes the “high” feeling.) This number is a little higher than the 50mg printed on the package, which I don’t mind. Although it’s worth noting for those who need or want to adhere to a strict dosage.

Opening Savage CBD Gummies Bag

Savage CBD Gummies Review – Final Thoughts

These CBD gummy worms from Savage CBD look like real gummy worms – and taste like them too! If you’re wondering whether the different colored sections of gummy worm taste different, the answer is yes. The red tasted like cherry, green like apple, orange was orange-flavored, and the yellow section was lemon flavored. The texture of the gummy worms was soft and perfectly chewy. The flavors were distinct and sweet. I couldn’t discern any hemp flavor.

At 50+mg of CBD per gummy, these CBD edible gummy worms by Savage CBD are on the higher end of CBD concentration when it comes to gummies. CBD gummies generally range from 5mg up to 75mg of CBD per gummy dose.

I took one gummy on an empty stomach and noticed the effect after about an hour. My mind felt more at ease and I felt I could concentrate more easily. The effects lingered for a few hours.

Because these CBD gummies look so much like candy gummy worms, make sure you store them safely out of reach and away from children. While these are generally safe to eat they are NOT CANDY. CBD should always be taken in a controlled and monitored environment.

Savage CBD Gummy Worms - Edible CBD Gummies

About Savage CBD

Savage CBD creates high-quality, hemp-derived CBD products to fit with your lifestyle. They believe in providing customers with top-quality, lab-test, natural alternatives made with all-natural, hemp-derived CBD and the purest ingredients.

Savage CBD uses CO2 extracted hemp sourced from Wisconsin, Oregon, Colorado, and sometimes Europe to create their CBD products. They require their suppliers follow stringent testing standards and provide traceability back to seed. When creating their Savage CBD products, Savage randomly tests each bath once a month to ensure potency. Their products are generally +/- 5% the dosage displayed on the product’s packaging.

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