Greenwell Pet Box Review: The Best CBD Subscription Box for Dogs

May 12, 2020

In recent years, subscription boxes quickly became a popular way to discover and try new products every month. Expanding upon this growing trend is Greenwell Pet Box. Greenwell Pet Box is a monthly CBD subscription box for dogs. CBD offers a wide range of potential benefits for dogs, cats and other pets, from pain relief to anxiety and stress relief and more. With today’s CBD review, we’re unboxing the Greenwell Pet Box and sharing our Greenwell Pet Box review.

Greenwell Pet Box Review: CBD Subscription Box for Dogs

Greenwell Pet Subscription Box Features

If you aren’t familiar with the subscription box concept, here’s a quick breakdown of how they work. When you sign-up to receive a subscription box, you’ll receive a curated box of products delivered to your door at regular intervals. Greenwell Pet Box is a CBD subscription box for dogs that sends a monthly collection of wellness and CBD products for dogs.

You won’t know what products you’re getting ahead of time – each month is a surprise. Every Greenwell Pet box contains at least 2 CBD or hemp products and 3-5 health and well-being items, like dog toys or grooming products.

Solomon is eye-balling Dudley The Balloon Dog.

Greenwell Pet Box Unboxing

The Greenwell Pet Box we received had 5 items for our dogs. A flyer in the box provided detailed information about each product.

CBD Dog Products in Greenwell Pet Box Review

Dope Dog Peanut Butter Calming Crunchies: Made with organic CBD, this delicious treat can help your dog through issues like anxiety or inflammation. It can also be used as a soothing, daily wellness supplement.

Kin + Kind Bergamot Lime Odor Neutralizer: This all-natural deodorizing spray is perfect for spritzing your dog’s coat between washes, freshening up a room, and removing pet odor from furniture.

Lord Jameson Chill’N Treats: Formulated to help relieve anxiety and promote overall wellness. Chill’N treats are made with the finest organic ingredients and are layered with rich notes of chamomile and hemp hearts.

Dudley The Baloon Dog: This toy has a subtle squish and hearty sqeak that your dog will go crazy for.

Greenwell Pet’s Puppy Love Toy: This super soft and cuddly squeaky toy is sure to win over your furry loved one’s heart! It’s made from durable fabric designed by Rifle Paper Co.

The total retail value of this month’s box was $77.96!

Greenwell Pet Box Review: Unboxed

Greenwell Pet Box Review Final Thoughts

The Greenwell Pet CBD subscription box for dogs is the perfect way to discover new CBD dog products. In a market where there seem to be new options each day, it’s nice to have a way to filter through the noise. I appreciate that Greenwell Pet makes it easier for me to try only high-quality, trusted CBD brands.

Judah and Solomon loved the Dope Dog treats and seemed to enjoy the nice crunch. Along with CBD, the treats have tons of other wholesome ingredients like peanut butter, oats, and coconut oil. I use them as daily treats for both dogs.

Judah is READY for his CBD dog treat from Dope Dog. CHOMP!

As a dog owner, I like that all of the CBD products Greenwell Pet features in their box have an available Certificate of Analysis. This verifies the potency and purity of the CBD dog treats and products.

I also like that Greenwell Pet offers more than just CBD snacks for dogs. The dogs play with their new dog toys frequently. Solomon especially loves the Puppy Love Toy. I’m excited to try out the dog spray which has a bright, citrusy scent.

Overall, I feel that Greenwell Pet curated a thoughtful collection of products my dogs could use and benefit from.

About Greenwell Pet Box

Greenwell Pet Box is a curated box of health and wellness products to help your dog relieve their stress, joint pain, skin issues, or other ailments. 

Every Greenwell Pet Box has at least 2 CBD/hemp products and 3-5 health and well-being items such as a toy or grooming product made with earth-friendly materials. It is the best way to find new products that actually help your dog!

Greenwell Pet Box offers monthly CBD subscription boxes for dogs. Subscriptions are $39 per box, which includes free 2-day shipping. You can also purchase a one time box from Greenwell Pet Box for $45 plus free shipping.

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