Cannatera Renew Rich Moisturizer Review

April 27, 2020

With this review, we’re looking at a CBD topical product for skincare – the Cannatera Renew Rich Moisturizer. CBD topicals derived from industrial hemp are used on the skin like any other skincare product on the market.

Hemp has been used industrially for more than 10,000 years as a usable fiber. The 2018 Farm Bill removed legal restrictions of CBD (cannabidiol) if it’s derived from Hemp. Hemp-derived CBD contains no or non-detectable THC. THC is the compound that causes the psychoactive effect (the “high” feeling.)

Cannabinoid oil (CBD) has been used other places for beneficial and complementary uses, but only recently has the popularity risen and legal use of CBD been allowed in the USA. It’s important to find a source with premium products and high concentrations of cannabinoid-rich extracts.

Cannatera Renew Rich Moisturizer Review

And Hemp sent me a complimentary Cannatera Renew Rich Moisturizer to try for this review.

Cannatera Renew Rich Moisturizer Features

The Cannatera Renew Rich Moisturizer is part of the Cannatera Beauty Ageless System. The Cannatera Beauty System is a skincare line infused with CBD to help reveal your natural beauty and includes a cleanser, serum, and the Renew Rich Moisturizer.

In addition to Cannatera’s signature Hemp Seed Oil, the Cannatera Renew Rich Moisturizer contains Sunflower and Carrot as antioxidants, Avocado and Shea for moisturizing, and Lavender and Peony to help protect the skin.

Cannatera Renew Rich Moisturizer Final Thoughts

Cannatera Renew Rich Moisturizer for all skin types formula is for Anti-Aging, Illuminating, and Restoring. Made in the USA, the lightly-scented cream is rich and goes on smoothly. It feels like comparable high-end moisturizers found at your favorite makeup counters.

It’s great on its own or under makeup. Give it a moment to sink in before applying other products and don’t forget to apply to your neck and décolletage, too. Used twice daily, the Cannatera Renew Rich Moisturizer will perform beautifully. It left my face feeling soft and pampered.

What I loved about the Cannatera Renew Rich Moisturizer is it is high-quality and made with pure Full Spectrum Hemp Extract. The addition of the cannabinoid gives it the extra benefit of the properties of Hemp when compared to everyday products in the market.

Cannatera skincare and And Hemp CBD products

Other Cannatera CBD Products

In addition to the Cannatera Renew Rich Moisturizer, Cannatera offers several other CBD skincare products to help improve your skin including:

Have you tried any of the Cannatera Skincare CBD products? Which one would you try first?