With the growing interest and popularity in CBD, it’s no surprise that more and more businesses are interested in selling CBD products. Just search Google for “buy CBD near me” and you’ll get plenty of results – from dispensaries to health stores and even gas stations! With so many places to choose from, how do you know which is the best place to buy CBD?

Where to Buy CBD: How to Avoid Fake CBD Oil

With this guide, we’ll look at some of the different places where you can buy CBD products, along with things to look for so you can spot and avoid fake and low-quality CBD oils, to help you have the best CBD experience.

Places that Sell CBD

Buy CBD Online

Buying CBD online is a popular and convenient way to get your CBD. Not only can you find a variety of different products and brands, but you can also shop around to find the lowest price on the products you want. At Best CBD Finder, we make it easy to find the best prices on quality CBD products from reputable brands.

Buy CBD Online


  • Find a wide range of CBD spectrums and concentrations
  • Many brands and product types to choose from
  • You can find the lowest price on your favorite CBD products
  • Shop from home


  • The number of different CBD products online can seem overwhelming
  • Customer Service or Questions can only be handled online or via phone
  • Online purchases have Shipping Times and Costs.
  • No in-store returns and not all CBD online retailers offer refunds.


Visiting a CBD or marijuana dispensary is another great place to buy CBD products. If you are just getting started or have any questions about using CBD, a dispensary can be a valuable resource. In-store, employees can cater to your needs and recommend specific CBD products based on your desired effects and lifestyle.


  • Employees knowledgable about CBD
  • High-Quality, pre-screened product
  • In-store support for any CBD-related questions


  • There may not be a dispensary nearby
  • CBD Dispensaries typically carry just a few brands
  • Prices may be higher than what you can find online
Buying CBD in Pharmacies

Pharmacies (CVS, Walgreens, Rite-Aid, etc.)

Several CBD brands, like Medterra, have partnered with larger pharmacies to offer their products to consumers. This makes quality CBD very accessible to get in locations across the country.


  • Higher-quality, reputable CBD brands that must meet the pharmacy’s standards
  • More accessible locations for wider availability


  • Limited product selection
  • Employees may not specialize in CBD
  • May not offer products with higher CBD concentrations
  • Prices may be higher than what you can find online

Health Stores

Health stores are a great way to shop for beneficial vitamins, supplements, and other healthcare products. Additionally, many health stores focus on all-natural, organic and/or non-GMO products. Typically, health store employees have some general, basic-level knowledge about the health care products carried by the store.


  • Convenient
  • Higher-quality, reputable CBD brands that must meet the store’s standards


  • Limited product selection
  • Employees may not specialize in CBD
  • May not offer products with higher CBD concentrations
  • Prices may be higher than what you can find online

Gas Stations

Yes – even gas stations and convenience stores are selling CBD now. If you don’t expect your gas station to offer high-quality food, don’t expect them to offer high-quality CBD. While convenient, we don’t recommend purchasing your CBD from a gas station until more regulations are in place to help protect you from buying dangerous, fake CBD products.


  • Convenient
  • Low-Cost


  • Questionable, Low-Quality, or Fake CBD
  • Employees likely do not specialize in CBD

Is it Safe to Buy CBD Oil on Amazon?

Is it Safe to Buy CBD Oil on Amazon

If you searched for CBD on Amazon, you’ll find many CBD products for you to buy. However, Amazon’s Seller policies explicitly prohibit the selling of “products containing cannabidiol (CBD).” So how are all of these CBD products being sold on Amazon? Many brands attempt to circumvent Amazon’s rules by never mentioning CBD in the product title or description. Also, many of the products purporting to be CBD oil are actually hemp seed oils with little to no CBD. (Hemp seed oils are derived from a different part of the plant and do not have the same amount of the beneficial CBD compound.)

In short, some CBD products on Amazon are real CBD products while other products aren’t so it isn’t 100% safe to buy your CBD from Amazon.

If you do choose to buy CBD oil on Amazon, there are steps you can take to make sure you are purchasing a high-quality CBD product. Keep reading for a few useful tips on how to avoid fake CBD oil products, whether buying CBD from Amazon, online, or in a store.

Tips to Avoid Fake or Low Quality CBD Products

Look for the Certificate of Analysis (CoA)

Before you buy any CBD product, look for the Certificate of Analysis performed by a third-party lab. This should be accessible online, via QR code on the product, or by contacting the company directly. While not legally required, all reputable CBD brands will provide a current Certificate of Analysis for each product batch. Some brands, like Populum, additionally include a copy of the CoA with your order. If the brand or product you are considering does not have a CoA, do not purchase the product.

Example Populum Certificate of Analysis
Example Populum Certificate of Analysis

Review the CoA Results

After getting the CoA for the product, take a look at the results. The Certificate of Analysis provides a chemical breakdown for the different compounds in the product. Confirm that the amount of THC is under 0.3%, as required by law. If the company claims the product has no THC or is THC-free, there should be 0% THC on the CoA.

You’ll also want to double-check that the CBD content matches what is advertised on the product, as well as whether it contains any other cannabinoids, such as CBG, CBDa, CBC, and CBN.

Contact the company directly or look for a different product if there are any inconsistencies between how the product is labeled and the reported test results.

Read the label

Products containing CBD should clearly state the amount of CBD contained and the source or type of CBD used (such as Full-Spectrum or Broad Spectrum). You should see something like “25mg of CBD per oz.” Labels on quality CBD products will also have lot or batch numbers and expiration dates.

Check the ingredients

Any time you’re going to ingest something or put something on your skin, it’s a good idea to know the ingredients. Take the time to read the ingredients label for the product you’re considering.

Avoid CBD products that only contain hemp seed oil, as well as products with any synthetic ingredients, artificial flavors, or added chemicals. The presence of the latter can be a serious health risk.

Many brands offer information on their websites about where their CBD or CBD extract is sourced from, as well as how their CBD is extracted. Ideally, you’ll want a company that uses CBD sourced in the United States. Some brands offer vegan, Non-GMO, and organic CBD products.

Contact the Company

If you’re considering trying a new CBD brand, visit the company’s website and contact them with any questions.

The company website should provide clear and detailed information about the company and the CBD used in their products. Make sure they offer customer support in some way – via phone, email, chat, etc.

Avoid Free Trials or Free CBD Offers

While it may be tempting to try CBD for free, the truth is that companies offering free trials or free CBD rarely (if ever) provide high-quality CBD. The fact is that growing, extracting, and producing quality CBD extracts and products takes time, specialized equipment, and effort. Also, it takes time for the effects of CBD to fully kick-in, so you’re unlikely to get your desired results in a short “trial” period.

If you’re unsure of how CBD will work for you, we recommend trying a product from a reputable CBD brand that offers a money-back guarantee.

As the emerging CBD industry continues to grow, laws and regulations will be put in place to better protect consumers from fake CBD products. Until then, make sure you do your research before trying any CBD product.

I hope this article has helped provide useful information about where to buy CBD, as well as some helpful tips on avoiding fake CBD oils and CBD products.

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