What type of CBD is Best

April 11, 2019

Let?s rewind & go back to an America where CBD or cannabidiol products were illegal to possess or use, forget about producing one. Now forward a bit through the constant efforts & movements for legalizing CBD & here we are in December 2018 when the historic Farm Bill legalized CBD from industrial hemp containing at most 0.3% CBD. This meant the dawn of an era where CBD products & their endless benefits & positives would be finally reaped of by the entire USA. Hence, there was a rapid increase in the pulse of the market as it got flooded with a multitude of brands that were here with the ?buy me? mark on their CBD products. Yes, that?s how exciting things have been over a short period of CBD?s legalization. There have been many brands that are now producing their own CBD products & as the consumers get more & more confused regarding which brand to choose, one major confusion which lies before choosing the brand stands before us – which CBD product is the best for me?

Based on the current market where there are certain CBD products whose sales are very good & hence the question becomes all the more specific – which CBD product is the best for me – tincture, isolate, cream, pill or gummy bear?

In this article, we will try to find an answer to this question & lead you to a position where you can make a good choice for yourself stepping beyond the confusion. ?


History has always been interesting. The best of people indeed like history because it guides us like a beacon light & introduces us to something which wasn?t there when we were not there. Hence, we get an idea to collect on what we missed out, how far we have come & what?s the status difference between then vs now. Despite being a bygone thing, it succeeds to catch attention, always. And it?s not just the attention, it unfolds to us many such things which not only enlighten us but also open for us the doors to jaw-dropping amazement. Cannabis & Marijuana have indeed been the treat from history for us.

Cannabis has been believed to have originated thousands of years ago in Asia. Having spread its offshoots across the world since then, it has carved left a pretty dominant mark in the crinkly pages of history which ranges from endless usage in ancient China to its mention in India?s Sanskrit Vedic poems in the Atharva Veda whose name translates into “Science of Charms” where it has been celebrated as one of ?Five Kingdoms of Herbs? which purify us & remove the negatives from within ourselves.

Being used mainly for spiritual, medicinal & industrial purposes, cannabis has been on the speed dial for debates since long especially when it comes to its usage as a treatment for ?medical ailments.? There have been both sides of the story given the fact that the Cannabis plant alone is the source for 104 chemical compounds called phytocannabinoids. Out of these 104 compounds, two of them, namely – Cannabidiol (CBD) & Tetrahydrocannabinol (TCH) have been the center of attraction when the debate takes place. With several pieces of research under the kitty, Cannabidiol, more popularly known for as CBD is being seen as the next big thing in medical science with its wide contingent of benefits & roles. The fact that the Cannabaceae family has its link with humanity extending as far back as in 2900 B.C. for treatment of pain, gout, malaria, memory, etc speaks volumes of the many layers of benefits that this family of plants comprises for good use & is yet to be digged deep into. It is hence not wrong to say that this is not just a gift of science but a legendary heritage as well & keeping this heritage & contributing to its betterment by treating it rightly is the correct way forward.


CBD products have flooded the market promising a lot of benefits. These can be put as under:

  1. Anti-pain & Anti-inflammatoryMarijuana has a history with treating pain going as back as into 2900 BC. because CBD influences the working of the ECS & has anti-inflammatory properties, so while being in the body, it works towards minimising pain. This comes as a big relief to those who deal with chronic pain & has been found very helping in cases like injuries, multiple sclerosis, arthritis, etc. CBD hence tweaks the brain receptors? working (CB2 receptors) & reduces inflammation whilst minimises pain too. Even animals affected with arthritis & inflammations show better mobility & comfort than when CBD wasn?t given to them.CBD is also being used by athletes world over due to the anti-inflammatory & pain-relieving properties as injury & pain is an inseparable part of their athletic life. In case of multiple sclerosis, CBD is given along with THC for pain relief.
  2. Relief from Anxiety & DepressionIn a study, it was found that CBD reduces anxiety as after a dose of CBD to those affected with SAD (Social Anxiety Disorder), they were seen to be at ease & comfort while speaking before people. With depression being the largest contributor of disability & anxiety being the sixth on the list as mentioned by a WHO report, this is a very positive prospect in medication for anxiety & depression where medicines are mostly addictive & carry major side-effects.

The impact of CBD on anxiety & depression is because of its role in swaying the levels of serotonin hormone – regulator of mood & social behaviour. Extremely low levels of the hormone lead to depression & hence it?s important that the levels of serotonin are kept under check.

For pets suffering from Separation Anxiety, CBD has emerged as a good option. Also, it is a common occurrence for pets often feeling scared & traumatized by loud noises & thunder. Under these cases, CBD works wonders for them & helps them by inducing calmness & balanced behaviour.

The side-effects are rare & not so serious as compared to the pharmaceutical medicines. This has made CBD a preferred option for those who seek freedom from the harsh side-effects.

  1. Tackling Nausea & Loss of AppetiteCBD doses have been found extremely helpful to counter nausea & loss of appetite, specially during illness & treatments. In a study on chemotherapy patients, it was found that CBD oil dose not just eased the pain but also reduced the sensation of pain, nausea & loss of appetite.Also, a very bright side of CBD may turn out to be its anti-cancer property which is still being studied. In-vitro & animal studies have shown CBD causing death of human breast cancer cells while in mice, it prevented the aggressive growth & spread of the cancer cells. This gives high hopes for CBD as a possible natural cure for cancer in future.
  2. Acne Reduction & Skin PurificationTopical lotions & skin creams infused with CBD have been beneficial for the skin & have recently gained popularity. CBD cream facials are also being offered by parlors these days. This is because of their impact on the sebaceous glands? production of sebum which prevents the growth of acne. The anti-inflammation property also stops acnes from growing. CBD also has the ability to repair damage caused due to UV-rays & environmental pollutants thus ensuring good skin health.However, it is important to use quality CBD products as the low quality ones can?t penetrate into the skin & hence wouldn?t make any impact. It is hence necessary to buy CBD products for the skin that are transdermal to ensure better effectiveness.
  3. Neurological RegenerationCBD is also a friend for the brain. Neither does it protect the brain cells from damage, but, it also helps in neurological regeneration. Thus, it helps maintain the health of the brain. Besides, its ability to impact the ECS has made given researchers a reason to look up to it as helpful in neurological disorders.In human study, CBD has been found helpful in better sleep & life quality for those with Parkinson?s disease. Also in lab studies, it has been seen that CBD prevented cognitive decline on mice with Alzheimer?s Disease.
  4. Aiding in Dravet & Lennox-Gastaut SyndromeEpidiolex – the only FDA approved CBD medicine is prescribed to children suffering from Dravet & Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome. However, it can only be prescribed to children above 2 years of age. Thus, it is understandable that CBD is good for epilepsy & seizures too.


Before knowing which one of the CBD products to choose, we must first have a knowledge of the ways in which CBD products should be taken because it would help us with better decision-making. There are five main ways to take CBD products & they are as below:

  1. ORALLY – capsules, oil, edibles, tincturesCBD is taken directly through the mouth where it travels through the digestive tract & enters the bloodstream. Since it features a major involvement of the digestive system, this method takes at least an hour or two to show effects & is the slowest one. However, the longest time CBD stays active in the body is through oral ingestion only. This method is ideal for neurological problems & disorders plus pain-relieving purposes (combination dose).It is advisable to take it on a full stomach as CBD is absorbed more that way. Also, CBD is fat soluble, so, taking some fats before dosage can help the cause greatly by threefold absorption into the bloodstream. This is the basic reason why CBD oil comes mostly mixed with MCT oil.
  2. SUBLINGUAL / BUCCAL – spray, spritzers, tinctures & oilThis is a method for instant relief where capillary rich areas are targeted. Areas under the tongue, along the gums & cheeks capillary rich. Thus, placing CBD Oil & Tincture drops at those points allows instant absorption by the blood vessels within a minute or two & gets going into the bloodstream. This is also for neurological problems & disorders apart from pain-relieving purposes (combination dose).
  3. INHALATION – vapesCBD oil absorbed through vapes is indeed the quickest ways to get CBD running in the bloodstream. However, it remains active in the bloodstream for the shortest time. For instant relief from pain or sleep disorders this is often preferred & also for anxiety, depression, etc.
  4. TOPICAL- balms & salvesBalms & salves have CBD oil in them & applying them on skin gives CBD oil access to muscles, pain-perceiving nerves & inflammatory cells by penetrating through the skin. Transdermal products should be bought else it remains uncertain for CBD oil to penetrate the dermal layers & start with the proceedings. This method is beneficial in case of pain-killing, acne & skin problems & other localized problems.
  5. VAGINAL & ANAL- suppositories & spraysCBD product? is applied to the mucosal areas where it is absorbed by the blood capillaries for local zones of pain relief. Anal suppository placement method is a less preferred one but is used in serious conditions. This ingestion is usually done in case of menstrual cramps (vaginal suppository) or sexual pleasure (topical vulva spray) enhancement.


The next step after knowing the various ways in which CBD can enter the body & get going, it is now turn for the various types of CBD products future reference & recommendations. The various forms of CBD are as follows:

  1. CBD OILBeing on the scenario as literally ?the First Avenger? of CBD products. It stands as the most popular form of CBD product & is the widely used owing to its popularity till date. CBD oil is either taken as drops directly or mixed with tea, coffee, juice, etc. It contains CBD mixed with MCT oil usually or olive oil & hence is available as CBD oil. CBD rich cooking oil is also found in the market.
  2. CBD TinctureBeing a tincture it contains CBD mixed in alcohol. It is quite similar to CBD oil drops in terms of dosage. This is also taken in the form of drops either directly or by mixing in water.
  3. CBD Capsules / PillsCBD oil or gel is put into capsules & then it?s taken orally. These days, the most recent development is water soluble capsules which dissolve quickly ensuring quicker release of CBD into the bloodstream.
  4. CBD Sprays / SpritzersHere, CBD is used in the form of sprays as oral, sublingual dosage or topical dosage. Sprays & Spritzers have minimum CBD content. CBD oil is put in the can in pressurized form.
  5. CBD EdiblesThese come in the form of gummies, cookies, brownies, etc infused with CBD extracts. This is a more tasteful method for those who prefer medication without bad taste.
  6. Isolates, Wax & VapesThese can be inhaled as smoke. Vape cartridges are the most popular of these three & are available as e-cigarette pens too. Refills are available in the market as well which can be put into the cartridge & used.
  7. Oils, Lotions, Soaps, Shampoos

Primarily a topical form of CBD intake, oils, lotions, soaps, balms, shampoos, salves, etc are applied on specific areas of the body for relief at localized zones anti-inflammatory properties of skin issues.


Having understood the categories available at hand it is important to know which is the best CBD product for which condition. People often get into a bit of a confusion regarding which CBD product to choose as they think there is a difference in quality of the product & one of the products is going tobe the most effective in the list. However, the type of CBD which will be the best will depend upon the purpose of using CBD & its bioadaptability. Based on this, the explanation has been done as below:

  1. TinctureA CBD tincture is available in liquid form as mentioned earlier & has a very potent cannabidiol content. Tinctures are created by steeping CBD-rich hemp flowers in high-proof grain alcohol. It is then cooked over low heat for some hours. Vinegar or glycerin can also be used instead of alcohol but alcohol is the preferred choice as it always provides the best tincture. It is a time-consuming process but very simple. Once the solution is ready, it is commonly mixed with a sweet tasting carrier oil say orange or peppermint or else it can be very bitter.It is administered when the need for relief is usually quick & you need to have it on the go. Just take out the bottle, put some drops under the tongue, hold for a minute at least & you?ll feel the relief in 10-15 minutes. In case of nausea, vomiting or pain in case of great pain, this works wonders. For immediate relief, CD tincture is great.
  2. CBD IsolateCBD isolate is a white powder that contains pure CBD. THis is the form of CBD with not just? the purest but the highest concentration of CBD. the purity level means 99% CBD content. Why CBD isolate is better is because of it being completely free from any sort of other cannabinoids which is present in all CBD products. Thus, it is beneficial for those who take CBD in high doses & might get detected for THC in drug tests when using other CBD products since all of them have THC content. So if high dose of CBD is your requirement, then this is the best solution.
  3. CreamCBD creams come as topicals & may be used for many functions including skin problems like acne, rashes, psoriasis, eczema, etc as well as? pain in joints or muscle strains, etc. It is important to note that most creams can?t permit the dermal layers & hence not much of CBD is absorbed by the body. There effect is late due to the same reason. Also, CBD creams don?t enter the bloodstream but work by getting detected by pain perceiving nerves, joints, etc. a solution is looking for transdermal CBD creams which can actually make CBD penetrate through the dermal layers & make it work better.
  4. CBD PillCBD pills & capsules have come recently where CBD is infused in them & taken orally. This method allows slower dissociation of CBD into the body as being a part of the digestive tract, the process is slower. Also, the amount of CBD absorbed is only 10%of the total CBD administered. By having fat rich diet, the absorption can be increased by 30% at most. But, CBD stays active for the longest time in the body through this method.
  5. GummiesCBD gummies are similar to CBD pills but are better in taste due to the flavours. Unlike CBD pills, they don?t have the bitter taste & hence people choose gummy bears. Both work on the same way & both have no chance of overdose as the quantity per serving is known to us. But, despite good taste, gummies are a new thing in the CBD market compared to pills & hence pills can be trusted more compared to gummies. One major reason is also this that CBD gummies are highly unregulated compared to pills. Many users have reported CBD gummies as low quality CBD product. Thus, when it comes to pills & gummies, pills is a better pick.


Now that you know about choosing your CBD, it is important to know how much of CBD you should take. This can be done mainly by visiting a physician & having an idea of the amount of CBD required by the body. Also, various factors come into play as follows for deciding your CBD dosage:

  1. Concentration Level Of The CBD ProductVarying products have varying CBD content. Thus, it is essential to buy the product based on its CBD content. As a matter of fact, the CBD dosage should be started from low & gradually increased over a period of time till the perfect relief stage is obtained. Isolates have highest CBD content while tinctures, vapes, etc have varying CBD content options.
  2. The Weight Of An IndividualMore the weight, more is the CBD dosage.
  3. The Biphasic EffectCBD is a biphasic thing. This means that certain dosage level will have certain effect while increased level of it would show considerable differences in the effect.
  4. Age & MetabolismBased on our age, CBD dosage matters. An kid will have a lower dosage of CBD compared to an adult. Also, our bodies have different metabolism rates. This in turn might change the dosage between people of similar age since their lifestyle would determine the metabolism which would differ greatly.
  5. The Simple Maths Of DosageBased on different products, the dosage varies.
  • Capsules: Each capsule comes with certain fixed mg of CBD in it. Based on the suggested dosage, the capsule can be taken.
  • Oil & Tinctures: Divide the CBD content in the tincture or oil by the total quantity of tincture or oil in the bottle & it gives you CBD content per drop of serving. Based on that, the number of drops can be decided based on the purpose of relief.
  • Topicals: The dosage is simply based on the relief provided for topicals. Here, only one thumb rule works – start low & go high based on the results.
  • Vapes: Just like CBD oil tincture, noting the volume of the the refill would give us an idea of the total CBD the vape cartridge carries (CBD concentration will be known in refill cartridge). Based on rough estimates by constantly viewing the level of CBD, it can be determined how much CBD went into our system.
  • Edibles – The edibles would surely have a listed content of CBD per serving. This way, the number of servings will give us an idea of the amount of CBD to be administered


CBD products have effected users in the following ways as reported by many over blogs, reviews & feedback forms:

  1. Better sleep
  2. Increased appetite
  3. Better focus & attentiveness
  4. Increased energy levels
  5. Relief from anxiety & improvement in psychological problems
  6. Better mobility for joint pain affected people & those with muscle strains


Thus, we should conclude with the fact that it isn?t about the product we choose but about the purpose we want to achieve. If a person takes high dosage of CBD & uses CBD oil or tincture,then there?s a huge possibility of him failing a drug test with high THC content in the report. Hence, CBD isolate is the safer route for such cases. On the other hand, if the doses are required in minimal amounts then CBD capsule or pills of around 10 mg can serve the purpose. Thus, it is necessary to clarify what are we administering CBD for & once that?s done, the right choice can be made & CBD product be chosen.

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