What Is Full Spectrum CBD Oil? Our Complete Guide

December 5, 2019

If you are curious about taking CBD oil to help improve an emotional or physical condition that you are currently experiencing, you have probably already experienced the overwhelming feeling you get when you perform a simple internet search.

The amount of CBD products on the market today is absolutely astonishing, so how are you supposed to know which product is going to be best for you? Much of the confusion experienced by newcomers to the world of CBD oil is a result of all of the different names and terms that are used to describe each product along with the challenge of successfully navigating the competition to be able to differentiate the genuinely good CBD oils from the bad.

Because CBD is all the rage worldwide at the moment, everyone is trying to jump on the manufacturing bandwagon. While there are several excellent brands readily available online, there are also a lot of people out there who basically cook up some oil at home, stick a label on it, and then try to sell it however they can.

Perhaps you have even managed to get hold of some CBD oil, but because you didn?t know what to look for in a good quality product, you have ended up taking some that was poorly made and didn?t work.

Misleading information about CBD oil is everywhere at the moment- especially online and it?s not uncommon to read two articles on the same topic that say completely different things. For this reason, we have created a complete guide on CBD oil, more specifically full spectrum oil, so you can fully understand everything you need to know about how it can help you and how you can make an informed decision about which product to buy.

CBD oil is an umbrella term that has so many specifics underneath it; it?s impossible to figure out where to get started. Some CBD oil is made from hemp and contains no THC, and some is made from cannabis and contains traces of THC. How on earth are you expected to know whether you should be using CBD isolate or full spectrum oil?

Fortunately, we have done all of the hard work for you, and by the time you finish reading this guide, you will understand what the benefits of full spectrum oil are and why many people feel that it is superior to CBD isolate. We will also give you some additional pointers to look out for to help make your purchasing decision an informed one that is based on factual knowledge, rather than hearsay.

So, without further ado, let?s get started.

What Exactly Is Full Spectrum CBD Oil?

CBD is a term that is flying around in social circles and the media, but contrary to popular belief, it is just one of the hundreds of compounds found naturally present in a cannabis plant. The primary and simplest difference between full spectrum oil and CBD isolate is that full spectrum incorporates all of the cannabinoids that live in a cannabis or hemp plant.

When used, it is thought to provide you with greater benefits than isolated CBD as your body will thrive off the effect that is produced by all of the hundreds of cannabinoids working simultaneously, which is known as the entourage effect.

Another advantage that full spectrum CBD oil offers is the fact that it is packed full of vitamins, minerals, protein, terpenes to name but a few of the extras that your body will thank you for! And when you hear people referring to CBD found in a hemp or cannabis plant, you must remember that there are a large number of cannabinoids present, but the most important one is CBDa. This is what is converted into CBD that is found in tinctures.

What Are the Benefits of Using a Tincture Made from the Whole Plant?

In 2015, an important study that analyzed the efficacy of the full spectrum of CBD oil was performed at the University of Jerusalem. During the trial, researchers compared the effects and performance of full spectrum oil and CBD isolate. At the end of the study, there was a unanimous decision that full spectrum is far more effective when used to treat chronic pain and combat inflammation.

The extract that had been derived from the whole plan provided more powerful relief in a shorter amount of time, and the pain-relieving effect also lasted for a longer period of time, as opposed to the extract containing only CBD that proved to be only slightly effective. This is one of the main reasons that several reputable CBD brands are now only producing high quality, full spectrum tinctures as a general rule of thumb.

The Entourage Effect

The entourage effect is what happens when your body absorbs all of the components found present in a tincture that is derived from the whole plant versus just CBD. Did you know that there are currently over 100 beneficial compounds found in a cannabis plant? When these all start working together, they synergistically combine to provide the user with a supercharged effect, which has proven to be far more therapeutic than a single compound working alone. Some conditions will greatly benefit from the entourage effect, and these include:

Eating Disorders and Gastrointestinal Issues:

While it is a well-known fact that THC will stimulate your appetite when you combine it with CBD, the mixture is even more potent and works to eliminate nausea and stomach pain.


THC will produce a high that can make things worse if you already suffer from anxiety, but when you add CBD into the mix, it counteracts any psychoactive effects and alleviates symptoms of stress, PTSD, and generalized anxiety by instilling a sense of calm and clarity in the user.



As we learned from briefly looking at the Jerusalem study mentioned above, THC and CBD provide excellent pain relief when they work today thanks to their anti-inflammatory properties.


Before CBD oil became a thing, many people who have insomnia would turn to smoking weed or consuming a hash brownie in a bid to finally get some sleep. The entourage effect provided by whole plant extracts is reported to be highly effective at getting you to fall asleep, as well as staying asleep for the duration of the night.


The FDA has now approved a full spectrum synthetic CBD drug called Epidiolex due to its efficacy when it comes to reducing and eliminating seizures.

What About the Other Compounds That Full Spectrum Oil Contains?

By now you will have grasped the fact that THC and CBD can both have a positive impact on your health, but what about the other compounds found in a cannabis plant? The good news is that these forgotten cannabinoids that are rarely mentioned provide you with a whole host of benefits that will further enhance your experience.

Here are a few of the lesser known compounds found present in full spectrum oil so you can understand more about what they do and why they are important:


Better known as CBC, this is just one of the ?major? cannabinoids found in marijuana plants that have been completely overlooked in terms of research. It is abundant in certain strains of marijuana. However, due to the lack of data, we really don?t know as much about it as we do about CBD and THC with regards to positive health implications. What we do know from existing research is that CBC has potent antidepressant and anti-anxiety effects, as well as contributing to pain relief.


Everyone will agree that cannabis has a unique scent, which is how many people get caught with it in states that it isn?t legal yet. This scent is produced by natural chemicals in the cannabis plant called terpenes, which also work incredibly well to heal the body when used in conjunction with cannabinoids.

The following terpenes are especially important to look out for when studying the ingredients of CBD oil that appeals to you:

Limonene.Excellent at relieving stress and boosting your mood, as well as providing relief from gastric problems.

Pinene. A powerful anti-inflammatory that is thought to improve alertness as well as improving memory function.

Linalool.Linalool has a relaxing sedative effect and is thought to be effective when used to ease the symptoms of insomnia, stress, and depression.

Caryophyllene.The antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects produced by this particular terpene are praised for its ability to relieve pain and insomnia.

Humulene. If you are looking to try CBD to help you with weight loss and managing your appetite, then Humulene will play an important part in your journey. Not only can it work to suppress your appetite, but it also is high in antibacterial properties.

The Benefits of Vitamins & Minerals

Full spectrum CBD oil is packed full of vitamins and nutrients that many of us unintentionally deprive our bodies of, as many of us simply don?t realize that we need to thrive. For example, not only does it contain vitamins A, C, and E, it also provides us with complex B vitamins like thiamine, riboflavin, and niacin.

Beta-carotene is another element that is found in abundance in good quality full spectrum oil, and while it is known to contribute substantially to overall health, many people don?t or can?t find a way to consume it.

Protein and Essential Fats

Up to 20 amino acids that include the 9 essential aminos that the human body needs are all found in full spectrum CBD oil. Most notably, Omega 3 and 6 are prevalent in an ideal 3:1 ratio so you can look forward to having better heart health. A good source of protein like that found in full spectrum oil will also help repair tissues and build muscle, which is ideal if you take part in sports on a regular basis or if your diet does not provide you with enough protein each day.

How to Choose a Premium Full Spectrum CBD Oil

By now you will have understood why full spectrum oil is superior to CBD isolate and the essential ingredients to look out for so you can enjoy the full potency of full spectrum oil. In addition to what you have already learned, here is what to look out for before hitting the checkout button when it comes to buying your desired tincture:

  • CO2 extraction: this is by far the purest extraction method and ensures that no nasty chemical traces from the extraction process are lingering in the CBD oil
  • Organic and Pesticide Free: afterall, you don?t take a supplement to improve your health that is laden with pesticides and GMO?s!
  • 3rd Party Lab Tested: this will ensure that the oil contains exactly what it says it does and you can request a lab report from an independent unbiased 3rd party testing facility.
  • Less than 0.3% THC: a legal requirement in most states, unless marijuana is legal where you live. Anything over 0.5% THC will not only be illegal, but it could also produce mind-altering effects
  • Clarity: make sure the packaging details every single ingredient found present in the CBD oil.
Final Thoughts on Full Spectrum CBD Oil

While taking CBD on its own might be better than not taking it at all, you will probably not experience the range of effects that full spectrum oil provides. When you take full spectrum tincture, you can experience everything that CBD has to offer and more! And when you consider all the additional benefits like vitamins, minerals, and proteins your body will receive, it makes perfect sense to go for a full spectrum product over a CBD isolate.

There are many reputable companies who will happily answer any further doubts you might have, and many of the better websites will have an extensive FAQ and blog section where you can learn even more about the benefits of CBD oil and other products.

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