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April 2, 2019

When we suffer from an ailment or disorder or problem, we often look for the best treatment to escape from it. However, almost every line of treatment has certain issues to cope-up with. There are varying reasons for which the most common & best ones include side effects, availability, interference with other lines of treatment, etc. This leads to a big conundrum – ?to be or not to be with the treatment.? Hence, people switch & in recent times, switching for these have been very frequent to herbal medication?s recent feat. Thanks to CBD (Cannabidiol). Yes, it is the same compound which is derived from Cannabis & Marijuana plants. If you?re surprised with this then you should be ready for many interesting revelations further down because apart from not having any toxicity or overpowering feeling associated with it which make it a preferred option among the people these days apart from being advised by the medical experts world over, there is a well-stuffed bouquet of positives.

CBD’s history

As said earlier, CBD is a derivative of the Cannabis & Marijuana plant. It covers 40% of the extracted content of the plant which houses around 104 other extracts & lies second due to its percentage. The first & prime share in the plants is occupied by THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) which is the component responsible for contributing to the ?high & intoxicating? feeling associated with Cannabis or Marijuana usage. This often has put CBD in the wrong notion of people that being a sister compound of THC, CBD also has the trance influence on the senses of the user.

Talking about the history of CBD, it has been of empirical importance for the human civilization for a long time span over 4000 years. Chinese Emperor Shen Neng had a lot of faith in it & used to drink tea of Cannabis leaves regularly. He even accounted for the medicinal powers of cannabis in his text Pen Ts?au which is still referred to quite often by many in Chinese medicine.

Also, when the Romans started hunting for expansion in North Africa, Europe & Asia, they found their hands on hemp in many of these regions as it had spread from China & India. A Greek physician was also with the campaigners in this journey Pedacius Dioscorides had also mentioned the wonders of Cannabis plant in his book Materia Madica which includes the mention of over 600 herbs & their spectrum of positive effects. Thus, it gives is a clear idea of how deep the involvement of Cannabis?s medicinal shades lies in the ocean of the history of mankind. From there, it spread through Egyptian, Arabic & African regions.

After this span, Cannabis went a bit underground & wasn?t much in the words. The phytocannabinoid was then discovered in 1940 by Dr. Roger Adams & his team at the University of Illinois. However, they were not sure of what they had discovered & hence it was not until after that, It was & still continues to be extracted from the flowers & buds of marijuana or hemp plants. However, they had a limited idea about what they had isolated. It was later in proceeding years that not just the isolation but also described the chemical structure of CBD, which in turn led to the conclusion that CBD was a non-psychoactive constituent of cannabis. This claim was in turn what pushed up CBD back in the human civilization. In 1980, Dr. Raphael Mechoulam made another claim based on a study that CBD helps in the treatment of epilepsy that concretized CBD as a medical herb.

Cure for All

There is more than just the non-psychotic effects when we talk about CBD. As a herbal extract, it benefits humans & animals alike. While the human usage has been done to treat a wide range of problems like arthritis, multiple sclerosis, anxiety, depression, etc., it has helped animals return to their happy self when dosed with CBD that has helped them stay calm & remain less anxious & under less pain during tough times. Be it separation anxiety or boosting the appetite, be it colitis or cancer treatment, CBD has emerged as a new friend for the pets which indeed has addressed the concern of pet parents across the globe of keeping their little mates away from sufferings & sorrow.

The effects? keep expanding to a vast extent from mental to physical ailments as mentioned below:

1. Anxiety & Depression

CBD has the ability to influence the much popular Happy Hormone – ?Serotonin?. It plays its magic on the brain receptors in how they interact with serotonin. Serotonin levels impact the levels of depression & anxiety. As per the World Health Organization, depression is the largest contributor to disability worldwide while anxiety ranks sixth in this tally.

Not just this, the ability to not cause any type of psychotic effect keeps it as a more preferred option. It thus doesn?t cause any sort of substance abuse which normally happens with such line of treatments in pharmacy in certain cases (benzodiazepines).

Thus, they have emerged as a good option for those seeking shade from the normal allopathic line of treatment with similar effects on both humans & pets.

  1. Pain Relief ?

The ability of CBD to influence the Endocannabinoid System (body?s very own system that produces cannabinoids), makes it a good choice for pain relief as it influences pain, appetite & immune system response. Thus, when in pain, be it humans or animals, CBD is a good option to go to.

3. Seizures & Epilepsy

CBD has also been found to have an impact on those suffering from seizures & epilepsy. Not just the human population but 5% of dogs worldwide suffer from seizures & hence the importance of CBD becomes all the more prominent.

  1. Acne & Skin

The topical usage of CBD in the form of oil & lotions has the influence of the sebaceous glands of the skin which produces oil. It is believed that CBD influences the oil secretion levels through secretion glands which have a direct impact on acne thus reducing it. Also, it helps the skin to recover from the damage caused due to UV-rays & environmental pollutants.

  1. Anti-cancerous Property

    CBD is believed to have anti-cancerous properties as found in animal & in vitro studies. In one study it was seen to stop the growth of cancer cells by weakening them to hinder their regeneration. Thus, the hopes are high with studies still underway.

Apart from this, the use of CBD (combined with THC) during chemotherapy has shown relief for people from nausea & vomiting.


Riding with the powerful sword of proven & backed research in one arm & with the shield of historical legacy on the other, CBD has fought its way back into the good books of modern herbal science. With Britain giving GW Pharmaceutical permission to grow CBD & conduct research to see its benefits in 1998, the gates were left open for research worldwide. Consequently, on the basis of empirical studies that were positive to an extremely large extent, the clouds of illegality got winded away from over it with legalization in recent times. However, the road was a bit bumpy with obstacles against the legalization, the light of the day was finally seen by CBD.

Firstly, Britain made it legal in from 1st November 2018 & then the U.S.A made it legal as well in the proceeding month. However, there are certain on-paper boundaries in that too but keeping in mind the misuse of Cannabis, these laws as can be seen legit. In U.K, as long as CBD is derived from the 63 certified & approved hemp strains by the European Union, there is no trouble at all. Thus, CBD oil is legal there. Coming to the U.S.A, the 2018 Farm Bill has made Industrial Hemp positive & legal but the CBD is only legal if it?s derived from hemp that contains not less than 0.3% of THC, thus making it a low-THC variety of the plant. Thus, the possession, sale & purchase of CBD based products is purely & completely legal as long as the previously mentioned point is undisturbed. Also, its removal from the list of Schedule 1 (still will be regulated by the FDA) drug has given CBD researchers a more positive & enthusiastic outlook into the future.


All the things above being said, it is no less than a dramatic story that CBD has had. From being an all-time medical favorite of history to being an issue of regulation & control by bureaucrats, the journey has been inspiring, not less apt for a biopic had CBD been an exact person instead of a plant extract. The legalization in the two developed countries of the world has indeed propelled its future further ahead on the positive stream. This being said, other countries too are now looking into it & legalizing it as well. In addition to this, the speed at which the researches are going, CBD will soon be a well-known herbal cure in the market for a variety of ailments because just in the present time itself, it is available as oil, tablet, tincture, concentrates, gummy bears & so on. These indeed speak of the rainbow of affirmatives that CBD will collect very soon from the world backed by proper logic, proof & reasoning.

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