What does CBD feel Like (Orally or On Skin)

April 2, 2019

If CBD or cannabidiol was a person & had an Instagram or a Twitter account on social media, it would be one of those individuals with the highest growth rate of followers. If it would?ve been on LinkedIn, then probably it would have the most applications to get associated with by people, brands & research firms. This is the influence that CBD holds on the world today. With more & more people getting added to the list of CBD products world over & the legalization in top countries one by one, it is quite self-explanatory that such recurrent fame & fanbase isn?t just the trick of a #socialmediacampaign or smart PR but a holistic chord struck in unanimity. But, after knowing of its benefits up close people often want to peep into the effect of it, i.e., how does it feel after usage of CBD products?

The most common form of CBD consumption these days is either oral or topical. This blog will take you on the course of how CBD products make individuals feel when taken orally & topically.

Types Of Oral & Topical CBD Products

Since we are out to take a tour through the changes brought about by oral & topical CBD products, it is important to do some homework before stepping further. This simply involves knowing the various forms that CBD products are available in, which although involve many forms but only two of them will be covered given the boundaries of the topic.


    CBD products taken orally are a common occurrence as most of us initially prefer oral medication only. These are either taken on the tongue or below it, on cheeks, etc. some forms will allow chewing it & gulping it in. Based on the requirement in concentration, relief period & condition to be treated, the form varies between the following:

    1. CBD OIL CBD extract is infused with in fat rich oils like coconut & olive oil. This is because CBD is fat soluble & can increase in effectivity as up to 3 times when being metabolised by the body. This is the reason why CBD products through oral ingestions are asked to be taken on a full stomach & fat-rich diet in particular. These drops are either taken orally directly or mixed in some drink or beverage like tea, coffee, etc.2. CBD CAPSULE CBD infused capsules also come which just need to be swallowed. It goes into the digestive system & then dissociates to finally enter the bloodstream.
    3. CBD TINCTURE This is similar to CBD oil with only difference being in the solvent. Being a tincture, it comes mixed with an alcoholic solvent.

    4. CBD EDIBLES Here, CBD is simply presented in the form of edibles like chewing gums, gummy bears, candies, cookies, brownies, etc. This method involves the simplest way of CBD consumption & is popular among those who want to evade the taste of medicines & prefer a more tasteful line of treatment. 

    5. CBD POWDER – CBD powder is one of the purest forms of CBD where CBD content can go up to 99%. This is taken over or under the tongue & doesn?t contain anything other than CBD like waxes, chlorophyll, etc.


    As the name indicates, this product line is only for application at specified target points where the impact of CBD is required. CBD product used penetrates into the skin or on the tissues of the required area & the effect begins from there. Topicals don?t reach the bloodstream usually & reach out to muscles, pain-perceiving nerves, inflammatory cells. The various topical options for CBD are as under:

    1. CBD LOTIONS, BALMS, SALVES & CREAMS – As the name indicates, these are like ointments & are applied on specific zones where relief is needed. For example, in case of arthritis pain it will be applied on the joints, in case of acne, it will applied on the face & in case of headache, on the forehead. This method, though effective depends largely on quality of CBD product used & the number of times applied. Since the skin is tough to enter, the concentration of CBD reaching the skin is much less than that applied. Under such cases, better quality transdermal products & repeated application ensures enhanced penetration & effectivity.
  1. SPRAYS – Certain CBD topicals like Vulva sprays provide relief from menstrual cramps ?or are used for sexual excitation. These reach the bloodstream as they are applied on mucosal areas which are rich in blood capillaries.

    3. CBD SOAPS & SHAMPOOS – CBD soaps & shampoos are more recent in trend & are suggested for usage to those who want better skin. Also, CBD is anti-bacterial & hence its availability as soap & shampoos is understandable.

    4. CBD TRANSDERMAL PATCHES – This is a newbie in the CBD sector. These patches come with dose of CBD & stick to your skin. All tasks can be done while they?re on the skin & can be pulled off later. A good thing about these is that such patches have come as a solution for the topically effective means of CBD usage compared to other options.

How Does CBD Feel – Oral Ingestion

Now that the mainly preferred types of CBD products has been talked about, it is time for the curtain raiser on the point of discussion. The feeling post ingestion depends upon the time-frame of the CBD product getting dissociated into the bloodstream. Though, this dissociation is directly dependent on the method of consumption, yet in oral intake, CBD enters the bloodstream & effects in the following ways:

1. LESS ANXIOUS & MORE FOCUSED – Since CBD has a proven effect on anxiety, it impacts the working between the CB2 receptors & eCBs (endocannabinoids) of the ECS system. This in turn has an influence on the level of serotonin hormone the quantity of which decides if a person in normal or effected by anxiety & depression. CBD increases the levels of serotonin, hence relieving humans & animals from anxiety.

2. BETTER SLEEP & REST People are coming out in numbers to get rid of sleeping pills which causes tons of side-effects including dependency & drowsiness. They are switching to CBD instead whose dose calms them down into relaxation & then puts them to sleep with no drowsiness or heavy sleeping pill hangover.

INCREASED FOCUS & ENERGY– Once the body & the brain are well-rested, it is impossible to not have better focus & energy levels as the body & the brain work in better tandem due to that. Besides, CBD has also been found to be neuroprotective & an aider of neural regeneration which simply points to better working of the brain & hence better focus & responses.

4, RELIEF FROM PAIN – The anti-inflammatory property of CBD & its influence on the pain & immune system response of the ECS provides relief from pain. In fact, in cases like arthritis, injured muscles & strains, people have been seen to have better mobility with lesser pain post CBD usage. However, this relief comes better when both oral & topical dosage of CBD is taken,

How Does CBD Feel Topically On Skin?

With a detailed brief on the impact of CBD orally, only half the job for the article is done. The remaining half has to be dealt with. As mentioned earlier, topical application of CBD goes into the bloodstream in rare cases & mostly it is on the localized zones. The various ways in which CBD?s topical application impacts are as follows:

1. ACNE-FREE SKIN – Since CBD has anti-inflammatory & acne is an inflammatory condition of the skin, acnes get reduced. Also, given its ability to put a check on sebum?s secretion from sebaceous glands, acnes get reduced due to this too.

2. LESSER WRINKLES – CBD has anti-oxidation properties too that prevent the skin from facing free-radical damage. Moreover, the anti-inflammatory advantage helps the cause too & keeps the skin from wrinkles, dullness & ruddy appearance.

3. PAIN RELIEF – As mentioned in earlier section, combined dosage of CBD oil & CBD topical for pain relieving works wonders for ailments like arthritis. Also, in case of muscle strains & injuries in case of athletes, CBD topicals help a great deal to not just ease the pain but cure the problem quickly too.

4. PSORIASIS & ECZEMA – For those affected with skin ailments like psoriasis & eczema, CBD oil works on the inflammation on skins thus reducing them gradually to zero. This gives relief from the condition.

5. SKIN REPAIR – CBD topicals aid in skin repair from damage caused due to UV-rays & pollutants. Thus, use of CBD makes the skin better in appearance,smoother & glowing. Also, its antibacterial ability stops bacteria from inhibiting the skin, thus making the skin brighter & better.

Wrapping Up The Show

With the changes post CBD usage explained on oral & topical application of CBD, it is now a matter of choice to go with either of the methods which must be well-thought & calculated as combination dose may work as well. One major difference between two methods is the point of action of CBD. While in one of them, the point of action is the bloodstream, in the other method, the effect is only on the surrounding areas of application. In addition to this, dermal layers of skin don?t allow absorption of topicals that easily & hence transdermal topicals must be sought for for better results. It is hence a necessary check to do when purchasing your CBD topical.

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