What can I use CBD oil for?

April 2, 2019

There has been a prolific expansion in the number of people who have switched to CBD in the recent wave of change. The users have been happy & are continuing with the usage as they enjoy the benefits of CBD oil. However, some people, mostly beginners, are still skeptical about the usage of CBD & the possible effects of it. As a result of this, there is an increase in confusion of what can it be used for.

This article will walk you through the answers of these questions so as to clear all your necessary & legit doubts regarding CBD being a beginner. With ?beginner? being mentioned, the article doesn?t limit its target to only them. Anybody who?s looking for some knowledge & idea on CBD oil can give it a read as well because CBD is a newbie & hence knowing it for both experienced & beginners is equally necessary.

CBD & THC aren?t the same

First things first! The biggest reason why CBD is initially a tough pill to swallow is because of its inheritance from the cannabis family. Previously, it was just THC or Tetrahydrocannabinol that was occupying the centre stage for various ailments & their treatment with cannabis/marijuana components. However, after the discovery of CBD by Dr, Raphael Mechoulam in the mid-twentieth century, things changed considerably from then till present for medication through Cannabis plant. In fact, CBD is now being seen as a better option as compared to THC for curing ailments as the studies progress. Though the scratches have only been from the top few layers with huge data yet to come as research continues, CBD has been found to occupy the upper hand over THC as both are vastly different despite having exactly similar atomic structures.

While THC is known to lull people to sleep or help them to cope-up with pain, how it does so is why it is different from CBD. This is because, THC causes the user to feel high or euphoric or over the top & many other terms related to its trance effect. It numbs or stones the senses for a while which makes the sufferer ignore the pain until the effect wears off. Thus, this method isn?t a preferred by many. Also, due to this trance effect, users are at the risk of developing addiction & substance abuse from THC. On the other side, CBD has the ability to alleviate the suffering without causing any sort of highness or stoned feeling. Just like THC, CBD also influences with mammal body?s own Cannabinoid producing system called the ECS or the Endocannabinoid System. However, the difference lies on the target of influence. While THC picks CB1 receptors of the ECS as its target, CBD goes for CB2. The CB1 receptors are the ones responsible for causing the high feeling while CB2 receptors work on maintaining homeostasis in the body. Apart from this, CBD is derived from industrial hemp in most countries where it?s legal with extremely minute traces of THC. Thus, chances of the ?high? effect are all the more lessen when legally approved CBD is used.

What can you use it for?

This is indeed a very basic question with unbelievable but true answers. It is beyond surprise that CBD is an all-rounder in terms of its positive impacts & abilities. These all-round abilities don?t just garner appreciation for their diverse impacts but also due to the fact that as effective it is on humans, it is equally effective on animals too. This indeed has added to its fan-following & once the results are in favour of the user, it becomes all the more acceptable. This has been one of the main reasons for the major drift of people from normal line of treatments towards CBD oil. Adding to this, CBD oil has been seen to have minor side-effects which have been discussed further ahead. These side-effects don?t really effect things much & hence have made CBD oil all the more preferable.

Having talked about its benefits in such a short way won?t be just given the innumerous benefits it carries. The various benefits are as follows:

  1. Anti-Cancerous

    Animal & in vitro studies have shown that ?CBD has the ability to counter the growth of cancer cells by inhibiting them. In a test-tube study, it was seen that CBD didn?t just kill breast cancer cells but also prevented new cancer cells from regenerating. Thus, it is believed to have both antiproliferative & antiangiogenic properties. Similar results were also seen mice where cancer cells were prevented from growth as CBD inhibited them.
  2. Headache & Nausea

    All of us are aware of the immense pain & suffering that a person or living being goes through while being treated for cancer. It requires a lot of grit & patience to make it to the other side of the road where medication isn?t the only way out. After chemotherapy, a study involving 177 Cancer patients showed patients to have lesser nausea & vomiting when THC & CBD extract were given to them.
    Apart from this, in common illness in both pets & animals alike when nausea & vomiting grab by the collar, CBD oil has proven as an agent in getting those sensations wither away. Thus, in case of minor & major illness, CBD oil helps to get rid of nausea & vomiting.
  3. Pain-killer

    Now that we know that CBD influences the way our neurons respond to pain by influencing the CB2 receptors, it is quite clear that it will give relief from pain. This is because the ECS regulates the sensation of pain, memory, immune system response & of course homeostasis. Thus, whenever pain is there, a dose of CBD oil helps to minimise it. For this reason, CBD oil is used by athletes quite often as rigorous training causes pain & muscle strains anyday. By CBD oil, they get to bring things back on track by recovering sooner with lesser pain than normal. Also, not just athletes, but people & animals suffering from arthritis have shown tremendous improvement in terms of not just pain relief but also there movements after CBD oil dosage.
  4. Acne Reduction & Skin Repair – Anti-ageing

    Topical lotions, balms, salves & transdermal patches having CBD oil infused in them are beneficial for the skin. They play dual role of repairing the skin?s damage especially the ones caused due to UV-rays & environmental pollutants & also reducing the growth of acne by direct effect on the secretion of sebum by the sebaceous glands. Not only this, but its anti-inflammation properties suppress acnes too.
    In addition to this, anti-inflammation, anti-oxidation & skin damage repair properties have also pointed towards CBD oil as an anti-wrinkle agent which has positively given a boost to the users of adapting it. Also, it gives the skin protection from ruddy or dull tone.
  5. Neuroprotective Property

    Studies have pointed towards CBD being a home to possible cure for neurological disorder like multiple sclerosis & other neurological disorders.Currently, it is being used legally as a treatment for Dravet Syndrome & Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome. For those suffering from Parkinson?s & Alzheimer?s disease, CBD oil has proved to induce better sleep & life quality of the patients. Studies have also shown that it fastens neural regeneration & also protects the brain cells from damage.
  6. Relief From Anxiety & Depression

    Researchers are of the view that CBD regulates the secretion of serotonin hormone which is related to social behaviour & mood of individuals. While low levels of it cause anxiety, extremely low levels lead to depression. CBD oil dosage has been seen to improve conditions of humans & animals suffering from depression & anxiety.

    While in one of the studies it was seen that people suffering from Social Anxiety Disorder were at ease & had better behaviour post a dose of 400 mg CBD oil against a control group. The group with CBD ingestion had better speech & less anxious body language. In case of animals, CBD oil gets them to calm down especially those affected with Separation Anxiety. Studies have shown that CBD oil calmed them down & th pets behaved more relaxed & better when their parents left them.

    This anxiolytic property along with being completely non-addictive & non-psychotic have led people to adapt it the more.
  7. The Heart is Safe

    Cannabinoids have a direct effect upon the vascular system. CBD, in this case, is capable of inducing vasorelaxation, i.e. reduction in the tension of blood vessel walls.

CBD has the ability to reduce resting blood pressure, & also control it when faced with stress is around. A 2017 research paper published within the journal JCL Insight investigated & concluded the blood pressure-lowering effects of CBD on humans. Nine healthy males participated in it & were either given 600mg of CBD or a placebo.

The results indicated that CBD brought down resting systolic blood pressure (the maximum arterial blood pressure during heart contraction) & reduced stroke volume (volume of blood pumped per beat). These results have important shades especially given the fact that high blood pressure is a contributing factor to ischaemic heart disease.

Forms of CBD Oil & Ways Of Using

Now that we have a fair idea of all the benefits CBD oil carries, the next part is knowing the various forms it is available in. Yes, you read it right! CBD oil is actually available in various forms which is also a reason of its growing popularity. Based on the requirements & ease of taking, CBD oil is available as below:

  1. CBD Vape & Dabs – Inhalation

    CBD Vape Cartridges & Dabs have arrived as revolutionary trends in the CBD oil industry & has been a prime favourite for those who like to give it a smoke. Also, inhalation is one of the fastest methods of absorbing CBD & getting in the bloodstream.

    CONSUMING– Inhaling from the vape softly for 3 seconds & then inhaling the air. Holding for few seconds is needed & then exhalation. This can be repeated based on the dosage.

    PATHWAY- Through the lungs into the bloodstream

    EFFECTIVITY– Usually within 10 minutes
  2. Creams, Lotions, Balms, Patches & Salves – Topical

    This form ensures impact on a specific target region instead of targeting a holistic system of the body. Here, the CBD Cream, Lotion, Balm, Salve & Patch is applied on the necessary region like in case of an acne or extreme sunlight exposure or in case of pain of joints, ankles, inflammation due to injury, etc.

    CONSUMING– Simple application on the point of incidence where the pain, inflammation, acne, pimple, etc is.

    PATHWAY– Diffuses through the skin to reach localised target zones like pain-perceiving nerves, inflammatory cells, muscles, etc. Goes into the bloodstream very rarely unless the topical form is transdermal in nature.

    EFFECTIVITY– Depends on the target entirely. It is advisable to couple it with drops & capsules to ensure better results.
  3. CBD oil, Tinctures, Capsules, Edibles, Powder – ?Oral

    Probably the most common form of medication is oral ingestion in any medicine. The various forms can be consumed either directly or by mixing within Tea/Coffee or as the physician prescribes. However, things get tricky in this method in the liver when the consumer is already in medication as the CYP450 enzyme is the most concentrated in the liver & in presence of other drugs,it slows down the metabolism of CBD due to which its effectivity decreases.

    CONSUMING– Simple method where one just needs to eat & forget while the effect kicks in.

    PATHWAY– Passage through the digestive tract followed by absorption in the bloodstream

    EFFECTIVITY– 1 to 6 hours is the average time which makes it the slowest method of CBD being absorbed by the body. However it also stays in the bloodstream for the longest time in this method & form.
  4. CBD Oil, Spray & Tinctures- Sublingual

    Can be called as the first cousin of the oral method of ingestion. In this method, CBD is taken as drops underneath the tongue & held for around a minute or two followed by swallowing the same. This is a route of direct absorption by the bloodstream as capillary-rich areas underneath the tongue ensure faster absorption & circulation into the bloodstream. This method is advisable right after eating as while chewing, blood flow increases in the mouth which make absorption quicker.

    CONSUMING– Holding the drops under the tongue for a minute or two & then swallowing it.

    PATHWAY– From capillary-rich areas under the tongue directly into the bloodstream.

    EFFECTIVITY– Takes around half to five hours to come into effect. However, this method avoids the long route of digestive tract unlike the oral method & hence the effectivity is quicker.
  5. Suppositories, Sprays – Vaginal & Anal

    This method of absorption is similar to topical method but differs based on the point of application. The areas applied are rich in blood-capillaries being mucosal tissues which ensures dissemination of CBD into the bloodstream apart from topical influence.

    CONSUMING– Application or spraying on the target area.

    PATHWAY– From mucosal tissue of the vagina & the anus to the bloodstream, local pain-perceiving nerves, inflammatory cells, muscles.

    EFFECTIVITY– they get active within minutes upto an hour or two.


It is necessary to first know why is CBD dosage required as given the variety of functions, the right dosage can?t be chosen before deciding which therapeutic property is to be aimed for. This becomes all the more necessary as CBD has 65 different targets throughout the body. This also gives a clear idea of which method to go for. For example, if it?s for arthritis, people might look for topical absorption, if it?s for anxiety, it might be for sublingual or oral absorption & so on. This creates a vast difference in the dosage, effectivity & method of intake. The dosage is normally available on the packs of the various CBD products & based on that a person can take it. It is advisable to start with low doses & gradually increase in based on the experience of the user & of course the physician?s advice. The dosage depends on the person?s age, height, weight, medical history, etc. the dosage varies from around 2.5 mg to upto 1280 mg based on the problems being used for. It is hence necessary to plan & use CBD for better effectiveness.

The Impact

So you?ve decided to take CBD & switch to a better option that is more soothing & comfortable & has a wide variety based on your choices. However, having known all this, another important point to be well-versed of is the impact CBD oil will have once you use it. The many effects that a person is sure to experience post CBD oil consumption are as follows:

  1. Better Rested

    CBD also helps to put people to sleep & the sleep cycles are more improved in terms of quality. Not just the ones with ailments but insomniacs have appreciated the difference CBD has brought to their dreams. In fact, opposed to the usual sleep medicines, people having CBD were happy to settle to sleep as the sleep never made them feel drowsy ever & allowed them to wake-up without any hangover of having a sleep medicine.
  2. Focus

    For those affected with anxiety & depression, CBD improves the focus by getting brain signalling in the right direction apart from effecting the serotonin levels. Thus, the consumer looks more focussed, concentrating & free.
  3. Lesser Pain

    The anti-inflammatory property & ability to influence the sense of pain makes the sensation minimal. This is good specially for those who suffer from chronic pain like arthritis, spondylitis, etc.
  4. Better Appearance

    CBD consumers look sober & more sorted in terms of appearance as compared to those medicated with THC. this is simply because of the absence of psychotic effect which keeps the consumer completely sober & normal. Also, CBD influences better energy levels & activeness in people after dosage.
  5. Increase in Appetite

    For people undergoing treatment or under the effect of any illness, nausea & vomiting are very common leading to loss of appetite. This effect doesn?t come when CBD is given to the person / animal. This is because of the control in the nausea & vomiting feeling which makes eating easier during ill-times.


  1. Tiredness, Diarrhea & Changes in Weight & Appetite

A review published in the journal Cannabis & Cannabinoid Research documents in 2017 talked about the safety & side effects of CBD. The review discussed the use of CBD within numerous clinical studies out of which, most were related to epilepsy & psychotic disorders. As per the journal?s conclusions, the most common side effects of CBD usage appeared to be tiredness, diarrhea & changes in both weight & appetite.

However, another review published in the journal Current Drug Safety, stated that CBD had no adverse effects upon physiological parameters which included heart rate, blood pressure, body temperature, psychological & psychomotor functions.

2.Liver Drug Metabolism

One possible side effect of CBD to be watchful of is its effect on drug metabolism within the liver. This is especially of importance for those who are on pharmaceutical medications. CBD interacts with drug-metabolising enzymes like cytochrome P450 family. 60% content of all pharmaceutical drugs is metabolised by the CYP3A4 enzyme. As a coincidence blessed by nature, this enzyme is responsible for the metabolism of CBD as well.

Certain pharmaceutical drugs inhibit this enzyme which may slow the breakdown of CBD & increase its physiological activity. Apart from this, other pharmaceuticals raise the levels of this enzyme resulting in a faster than normal breakdown of CBD. If one takes pharmaceutical drugs, he/she should consult a physician before taking the dose of CBD. But on the contrary of this side-effect, CBD also has a positive impact on liver enzymes like enhancing levels of enzyme CYP1A1, which is capable of breaking down cancer-causing substances like benzopyrene.

? ? ? 3. Pregnancy

A report from the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) cautioned pregnant women & nursing mothers to avoid CBD use due to possible adverse developmental effects to the foetus. In a study it was found that short-term exposure to CBD increased the permeability of the placental barrier, thus placing foetus at risk from certain substances.

  1. Dry Mouth

CBD oil decreases saliva secretion. The salivary glands are home to the cannabinoid receptors of the endocannabinoid system . CBD interacts with these receptors & hence causes inhibition of saliva secretion due to which the mouth dries up. This can be easily remedied with a glass of water or juice.

  1. Movement disorders

As per a 2009 publication within the International Journal of Neuroscience documents, a study was done where CBD was given to patients with dystonic movement disorders. For 6 weeks, oral doses of the cannabinoid between 100?600 mg per day were given to prospects along with standard medications.

Though there were improvements in movement disorders in all patients, yet, certain side effects were observed such as hypotension (low blood pressure), dry mouth, psychomotor slowing, lightheadedness, & sedation. With doses over 300 mg per day, hypokinesia & resting tremor rose up. This drew researchers to the conclusion that CBD has Parkinsonism-aggravating effects in humans.


The farm bill was recently passed by President Donald Trump in December 2018. This bill legalized cultivation of industrial hemp & paved the way for removal of CBD obtained from industrial hemp (with less than o.3% THC) from Schedule 1 of controlled substances. However, with various restrictions on board in the law, CBD derived from legal hemp only has been legalized which is the addressal of the issue.

However, the farm bill allows state?s Department of Agriculture to build their own plans along with the Governor & Chief Enforcement Officer to the USDA on licensing & regulation of hemp cultivation. The state can only begin cultivation once the plan has been approved by the USDA. The states not opting for devising their regulatory program would have to depend upon the federally devised plans. Thus, there are a bit of complications in the legalization. However, the bill has somehow allowed scope for cultivation of CBD. Once the plans are approved, the cultivation can be dealt with & that?s how things are going on. This is naturally a much expected challenge as whenever a new law comes into effect, adapting it is the first thing that should happen & it usually happens after some hiccups.


With the various ways of adapting & using it as well as with the numerous benefits & available options to choose from for dosage, it is clear that CBD is up for some major revolutions in the medication world. While it continues to pass through the hurdles of the legalities, the possibility of further in-depth research & analysis has also got opened up due to the legalization. Apart from this, the multiple products that can be made using industrial hemp in addition to the medical products have indeed given the big corporates a high-end lucrative product line to venture into. Thus, it isn?t just going to be the medical industry which is in a win-win situation but also the complete industrial edifice is going to get a makeover from this if things go the right way which clearly points to the direction that this is going to benefit the people, the businesses & finally the entire world as a whole.

With more & more research, the benefits of CBD are expected to go higher & higher as there are various positive claims based on researches. The way people are venturing into CBD oil is surprising given the fact that once CBD was something which people looked at with grey eyes & now it?s being used 7 recommended by all. Also, the legalization in other nations is bound to give scope to cross-national exchanges on research which might provide breakthroughs more quickly.

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