8 Common Types of CBD Products & How to Use Them

May 31, 2019

As more and more people discover the benefits of CBD, and as more and more companies launch new CBD products, it can become confusing to know which types of CBD products to choose – especially if you aren’t familiar with CBD and how to use it. CBD Topicals? Tinctures? Edibles? Which one do you use? With this post, we take a look at the most common ways to take and use CBD oil.

1. CBD Topicals

CBD Topical products are creams – like lotions, salves, and lip balms – infused with CBD. Topical CBD products help with skin, joint and muscle issues.

The analgesic anti-inflammatory properties of CBD help to sooth tired, sore, or aching joints and muscles and offer many skin benefits. CBD topicals can help with skin issues like acne, psoriasis, anti-aging and more.

 Relief & Recovery Cream, Hemp CBD Cream, 4 oz, Sagely Naturals
Sagely Relief & Recovery CBD Cream helps tired, stressed, or fatigued muscles and joints

Shopping Tip

For CBD topicals, it’s important that the CBD is transferred through the dermal layers and doesn’t just stay on the surface of the skin. Carefully review product information and labels to ensure the topical product uses nano technology, encapsulation, micellization of CBD, or similar method that effectively moves transfers the CBD.

How to Use CBD Topicals

CBD topicals are meant to be applied directly to the body area you would like to treat. Use when needed and apply the recommended amount to the treatment area.

2. CBD Capsules, Pills

CBD Capsules and pills contain CBD oil – a concentrated form of cannabis – in an easy-to-swallow form. They’re a great option for people who don’t like the flavor of CBD oils and concentrates.

You take them just like vitamins so you can easily add CBD pills to your daily routine. Capsules typically contain 10-25mg of CBD per pill and start working relatively quickly. Often taken with meals for best results, people generally feel the effects of CBD capsules within 1 to 2 hours.

How to Use CBD Capsules & Pills

CBD Pills and capsules are easy to use – especially if you already take daily vitamins. For many CBD capsules, you just take one capsule (or as needed) daily with water. Each pill has a specific amount of CBD, which makes it easy to track your daily intake.

It’s important to note that if you’re trying to find which CBD dosage works best for you, capsules or pills might not be the right option as you won’t be able to tweak or finely adjust the dosage amount. In this case, consider using other products, like CBD tinctures to supplement capsules as you fine tune your daily serving amounts.

3. CBD Concentrates

Fresh Leaf CBD Concentrate
Use Freshleaf CBD orally (sublingually), mix it into your drink, or drip it on your food.

CBD concentrates generally have the strongest dosages of CBD compared to other products on this list – up to 10 times the concentration. They’re also easy, fast, and convenient to consumer, making CBD concentrates a popular, high potency CBD choice among people who are busy or on-the-go.

CBD concentrates will vary in color and consistency based on the specific crop used to source the product. Colors may range from deep dark greens to lighter browns and yellows.

Shopping Tip

CBD Concentrates are usually not flavored. If you’re sensitive to, or don’t like, the natural flavor of CBD, consider another product.

How To Use CBD Concentrates

CBD concentrates are used similarly as tinctures. Just place the correct amount of concentrate under your tongue or along the cheeks and ingest slowly.

Most tinctures and drops can also be applied as topical agents, used directly onto the skin. Check the product label for instructions.

4. CBD Edibles & Drinks

CBD edibles and drinks are exactly what they sounds like – food, candy or drinks that are infused with CBD. Popular CBD foods include candies – like gummies, mints or chocolate – and baking times. There are also a variety of CBD beverages available including CBD coffee, tea, and CBD energy shots.

Edible cannabinoids are metabolized differently than other forms of CBD. It takes the longest to take effect and the effects are the longest-lasting.

How to Use CBD Edibles

Eat or drink the correct serving amount, according to the instructions.

5. CBD Tinctures

One of the most popular types of CBD products on the market, CBD tinctures are some of the most pure ways to use CBD. While some brands add some flavor for customer experience, the CBD oil in tinctures does not go through any separate processing.

How To Use CBD Tinctures

Use CBD tinctures by placing a couple drops of the CBD tincture on or under your tongue, or along the mouth cheek. It’s most effective if you leave it under the tongue or along the cheek and letting it sit for several seconds before swallowing.

The dosage can range so it’s important you determine the correct strength for you.

6. CBD Isolate

CBDelicious CBD Isolate Powder
CBDelicious CBD Isolate Powder was created specifically for use as an ingredient.

CBD isolate consists of pure and concentrated crystals of CBD, mostly sold in powdered form. While not the most glamorous CBD product, CBD isolate is THC-free, low cost, and extremely versatile. Popular for baking CBD foods, you can easily add it to fatty foods like butter or oil, or even make your own tincture. High-quality isolate generally contains concentration levels of 95-99% CBD.

How to Use CBD Isolate

The simplest way to take CBD isolate is to drop it under your tongue as a sublingual. Place the desired amount of isolate under your tongue and hold it there for 60-90 seconds. You can also use CBD Isolate as a seasoning, or add it to baked goods or foods that have oil, butter, or other fatty ingredients.

7. CBD Wax

CBD waxes are essentially CBD oils, concentrates, or CBD extracts that have gone through an additional process so that they solidify and have a wax-like texture. Users feel the benefits of CBD wax almost instantly.

How to Use CBD Wax

CBD wax is dabbed with a dabbing pen. Just heat a small amount of wax to the heated coil of the dabbing pen. The heat vaporizes the CBD wax, allowing you to inhale it through the attached mouthpiece.

8. CBD Spray

Hemp Olive Pure CBD Oil Spray
CBD sprays like Hemp & Olive Pure CBD Oil spray conveniently fit in a purse or backpack.

The weakest in concentration among the CBD products on the list, CBD sprays are a popular way to carry and use CBD while on the road or travelling. The concentration of CBD sprays from 1-3 mg, and it’s harder to measure the exact dosage as spray containers aren’t precise.

How To Use CBD Spray

Following the serving size directions on the bottle and spray one serving of the bottle into your mouth. (Typically 2-3 sprays.) Use daily or as needed.

Other Types of CBD Oil Products

While the CBD oil products we mentioned here are some of the most common types of CBD products, there are many other ways to take CBD oil including:

  • CBD Skin Patches
  • CBD Gums
  • CBD Suppositories
  • CBD Vape Oil

What Form of CBD is Most Effective?

Now that we’ve covered the many different types of CBD oil products on the market, you may be wondering which form of CBD is most effective? The most effective CBD product for you depends on your lifestyle and requirements. The product you use on one day could be different from what you’d use on another.

What dosage do you need to take? Do you need to mask the flavor? How quickly do you want to feel the effects? The answer to these types of questions will help determine which CBD product you’ll want to use.

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