How Long Does CBD stay in your system

March 2, 2019

Being a herbal extract that comes with a rich background of deep association with the human civilisation for over 4000 years & being equally & impartially effective on both humans & animals, CBD or Cannabidiol is garnering immense attention & acceptance at a rapid pace after remaining dormant for long. With passing days & an increase in the demand for CBD products by users based on their varying problems likes anxiety, arthritis, skin treatment, nausea, vomiting, etc., it can be clearly understood that the fame & popularity of CBD products is shooting up by leaps & bounds. With great fame come controversies & speculations too & here also we have a similar case where one major doubt inhibits the minds of people & stops them from taking CBD products. Venturing out to hold the hands of CBD medication hence feels risky for some consumers & because of CBD?s derivation from cannabis a question arises – How long does CBD stay in our system?

In this blog article, we will explore the shades of this question & step ahead for the answer.


Things up ahead are capable in sounding awkward so watch out for yourself. We all know that for CBD to be effective, it needs to come in contact with the bloodstream as the bloodstream acts like its support system for proper action & working. Without entering the bloodstream, CBD can?t accomplish the wonders which it normally does. This factor & CBD being a derivative from the cannabis family leads us to an important & fearful question – what if i fail a drug test? Yes, you read it correct. While the question might seem awkward as stated earlier, it is equally important to deny the correctness of this question. For a deeper insight, let us first brush up a bit on the source for drug test.

In 1988, the US Department of Labor passed the Drug Free Workplace Act. This Act was responsible in prohibiting the increasing number of drug addicts in the country, specially in the military. Thus, the then President Ronald Reagan got this Act passed to curb drug abuse & consumption which barred government sector employees from consuming drugs on & off duty. This is how this Act required certain companies to test new hires for five substances – amphetamines, cannabinoids, cocaine, opiates and PCP. This law wasn?t & still isn?t applicable on all firms. The pharmaceutical companies saw in it huge profit for themselves given the upsurge of private sector. Hence, they ventured out swarming on private firms with huge salesforce & finally converted many companies under the excuse of drugs causing employees absent-minded, dull, aggressive, inefficient, etc. This led to a feeling of fear among private employers for their loss & hence they started implementing it in their individual firms. This has been carried on till today for most firms while some do it as a courtesy to keep their workplace free from drugs. The inclusion of cannabinoids in the list of the five drugs being tested for fills up the users with speculations of getting detected in the blood test which may end them up with either losing an interview or the job completely.

Apart from this, there are rumors that CBD gets converted into THC inside the stomach which instills more fear within the people. However, the rumor is completely baseless just like the question of CBD causing people to fail drug tests. But, we should also mention that people also want to know the duration of CBD?s stay in the body because of medical tests & any other sort of medicines that they might be looking to start in near future.


With the reasons at hand regarding the concern, it is now time to answer the main question. It takes CBD an average time period of 5 to 45 minutes to begin working within the system at whole. It starts working within the body & then the feeling of its working starts to fade away in around 6 to 7 hours of its effect gradually. This is the rattrap where people think that since CBD?s effect ends, it means that it has left their system but the reality is just the opposite as after the fading out of the effect, the concentration begins depleting every hour. But there is not a complete fall in CBD concentration within the body as it remains in traces in blood & the fluids of our body. With CBD medication being a nascent stream, there is a lack in availability of a fixed answer to the question. Though there is an estimate by experts that on an average, CBD lasts for around 120 hours in users, i.e 4 to 5 days & then takes the exit. This is based on studies pertaining to half-life of CBD. Half-life refers to the time taken by any drug to get reduced to half its quantity within the body.

In a 2016 study, a study on a small group pointed out the CBD lasts in the system for not more than 27-35 hours (moderate dosage). In another study, people were given a dose of 700 mg CBD for a month after which the dose was stopped for a week. It was assumed that after a week,CBD concentration would drop to zero but instead, it was found in the body & tested positive. The content was almost 1.4 mg/ml of blood. However, there was no trace of THC in the blood after 8-10 days which gives us an idea that:

For moderate dosage, CBD will last in the system for 2-5 days

For high dosage, CBD will last in the system for 8-10 days
THC exits the system quickly (which lies in the consumed CBD product)

These findings come out of the very limited studies carried out on this topic of CBD?s exit time from the body. Apart from this, the exit time of CBD may vary also depending upon the age,body-mass index, medical history, method of consumption, etc of the user.


With a good estimate on the course of things, another major confusion which needs to be clarified is that employers do not test for CBD in the body since CBD in non-psychoactive. Hence, despite being a cannabinoid, CBD is exempted from the blacklist which will surely not cost you big. This rule gets support from the World Health Organisation?s own 27 page report which ?claims that CBD is completely non-addictive & free from any dangers. Thus, it keeps you legally off-board from the risk of losing grip on your dream job.

But here?s the catch that might have rung a bell in your brain – what if my CBD product has THC? Of course THC is a psychoactive extract of cannabis & it causes things to go considerable worse. In fact,when inhaled as smoke, THC from marijuana takes days or even weeks to be eliminated from the system. So, what if the same THC is in your CBD dose? You might find THC in your dose but you should be completely tension-free because legal CBD products come from industrial hemp which doesn?t have more than 0.3% of THC content. Thus:

  1. Firstly, such amount of THC goes completely untraced since it is in a ?much below minor? level.
  2. Secondly, it is only traceable if CBD dosage goes at & beyond 1000 mg, which is practically not taken quite often.
  3. If you are still worried & want it ?to leave your system then remain rest assured that the amount is so little that it would leave your system quicker than expected.


CBD has been beneficial to relieve sufferers from a wide-range of problems. Even though it is a gift from the family of cannabis, the extract is completely unparallel to other cannabinoids. Its ability to not make people feel drowsy or high or euphoric or stoned has made it a preferable option for many. Such an advantage gets them going throughout the day normally without any trouble. CBD?s content also depends upon the method of intake & that also decides the duration that it will continue to be in the body. Being a fat-soluble molecule, it can stay in the system for longer duration. Thus, people weighing more on the scale will have CBD present in their system for longer duration. The lifestyle of a person also decides the duration the guest stays in your system. An active person burns fat faster & hence CBD will not be able to stay for long. These things are best understood when explained by a physician who will give you the best word. One important thing to realise here is `to keep yourself off the track from overdosing for CBD. Though there are no serious side-effects of overdosing CBD, yet high doses of around 1000-2000 mg will make THC content in the body around 3-5 mg. Thus, the lesson of not taking it without being suggested by a physician is a logical & beneficial one for any user.

In addition to this, the quality of CBD product one uses also matters as you may never know how pure CBD product you get & what is the content of THC in it. It is hence necessary to remain alert & make choices & decisions accordingly.

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