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February 28, 2019

In a world full of medical discoveries & revolutions every second day, CBD has emerged on the scene an ?all for one & one for all? medicine. As an extract from cannabis, this ?cannabinoid has simply turned things hot for the entire medical industry & most importantly for herbal medication right from the day it began its conquest post its discovery in the mid-twentieth century. It has since then been either on the hot side for arguments as unsafe & dangerous being a sister compound of THC & hence being doubted or for positively being a cure for a variety of categories. This in turn has made its second inning rather adventurous as compared to the one which has its mentions in the historic texts & notes from the most famous areas of the world like China, India, Africa, Egypt & Greece.

With the waves swiping ashore more people with the benefits that CBD carries, it has become a more sought for medication by the people. However, often people end up asking a common question for any medication – how long does CBD last?

Various Forms Of CBD

CBD is an extract that is available in different forms of medication, though it had been illegal majorly, there were other places that it was legal at. Hence, it went on with modifications & ?reconfiguration into various forms one after the other. Why knowing these forms of CBD is necessary will be more understandable in the course of the article ahead but coming to the issue of discussion currently, we should focus & introduce you with the various forms of CBD products which are as under:

  • CBD OILThis is the most popular name on the list of CBD products & comes mixed with MCT oil usually or olive oil. It is either taken as drops directly or mixed with tea, coffee, juice, etc. Some people also mix & process it in honey & take it as either a spoon or two of it or simply by spreading it over bread or toast. CBD oil is also available in cooking oil form apart from the usual drops as it is mixed & processed in the daily cooking oil & can even be prepared this way at home.

  • CBD TinctureThis is similar form of CBD oil being a tincture contains CBD mixed in alcohol. This is also taken in the form of drops either directly or by mixing in some solvent. Usually these drops are taken under the tongue, held for a while & then swallowed. It is one of the swiftest product in the form of effectivity.

  • CBD CapsulesIf the dosage of CBD has to be kept a track of then there?s no better method than this. CBD oil capsules come as CBD infused into capsules. This ?is convenient way because the capsules come in various concentration of CBD oil. This not just makes it an easy thing to carry & take without missing out but also keeping a track of the CBD intake. Of late, water soluble CBD oil capsules are also being seen in the market. The capsule comes in both vegetarian & non-vegetarian coating.

  • CBD sprays / spritzersHere, CBD is pressurized into spray cans & based on the presses, you can take droplets of CBD. This is also one of the quick methods of effectivity. Sprays & Spritzers have less CBD content usually compared to other products & it?s also tough to monitor the exact amount of CBD entering your body.

  • CBD EdiblesThere?s no better way to get a person to take medicines then by infusing it in the things he loves to eat. CBD edibles are CBD extracts put into day to day items of interest like gums, cookies, brownies, etc.
  • Isolates, Wax & VapesThese can be inhaled as smoke & hence is a good one for those who like to vape & dab. Vape cartridges are available as e-cigarette pens too. Also, refills are available which can be put into the cartridges & puffed along. However, it?s not everybody?s game to handle the way vape cartridges are operated as it involves machine which might breakdown & also the process of ?refilling isn?t known by all so fluently.
  • Oils, Lotions, Soaps, Shampoos


This form is for localised relief & anti-bacterial effects. CBD extracts are infused in topical oils, lotions, soaps, balms, shampoos, salves, etc & are applied on specific areas of the body for relief & excitation.

How To Take Your CBD?

While we know the various forms of CBD products it is also important to know how it is to be taken. There are basically four main methods of CBD intake & they are as follows:

Here are 5 main ways to take CBD oil & they are as below:


    In this method, CBD is taken directly through the mouth where it travels through the digestive tract & enters the bloodstream. Since the component becomes a part of the digestive system, it takes at least an hour or two to show effects & is the slowest one. However, the longest time CBD stays active in the body is through oral ingestion only. This method is ideal for neurological problems & disorders plus pain-relieving purposes (combination dose).

    It?s a method for instant relief where capillary rich areas are targeted. Areas under the tongue, along the gums & cheeks are capillary rich. Thus, placing CBD Oil & Tincture drops allows instant absorption by the blood vessels within a minute or two & CBD gets going into the bloodstream.?

    CBD oil absorbed through vapes is indeed the quickest ways to get CBD going in the bloodstream. However, it remains active in the bloodstream for the shortest time. For instant relief from pain or sleep disorders this is often preferred & also for anxiety, depression, etc.

    Balms & salves have CBD oil in them & applying them on skin gives CBD oil access to muscles, pain-perceiving nerves & inflammatory cells as it penetrates through the skin. Transdermal products are necessary to be used in case the target is through the bloodstream else it becomes tough for CBD oil to penetrate the dermal layers & get going
  5. VAGINAL & ANAL- suppositories & sprays

    CBD product ?is applied to the mucosal areas where it is absorbed by the blood capillaries for local zones of pain relief. Anal suppository placement method is a less preferred one but is used in serious conditions. This ingestion is usually done in case of menstrual cramps (vaginal suppository) or sexual pleasure (topical vulva spray) enhancement.

How Long Do The Effects Last?

When we ask the question how long does CBD last, the question can be seen from two perspectives. Perspective 1 is when we talk about the effect of it whose lasting is being asked for. Perspective 2 is the time period till which CBD extracts continue to stay in or occupy our systems. This section will answer Perspective 1.

The effect of CBD in the body will depend upon the method of CBD intake which have been listed as below. Most importantly, these are average details based on the limited studies on CBD of late.

  • Oral- Being the slowest method of CBD absorption, the effects start within an hour on an average & last for around 6-8 hours.
  • Subingual – Being one of the quickest methods of intake, the effect begins within 10 minutes at maximum & last till 3-4 hours.
  • Inhalation – This is also a method of fast intake & the effect begins within 5-10 minutes while it lasts for an hour or four.
  • Topical – This is also a slow method of effectivity but being slowly consumed, its effects last for around 5-6 hours.

How long Does It Stay In The Body?

It?s now time for Perspective 2 listed in the previous system & this will give us an idea based on recent studies regarding how long does CBD last or continue to exist in our system. Just because CBD?s effect ends doesn?t mean by any means that it?s content in the body would end. This might seem a bit awkward but it is asked for by many people because of their fear of failing drug tests. Although, drug tests don?t test people for CBD but THC instead, knowing things for knowledge that one consumes for medication is necessary also when people are thinking of appearing for other medical tests or medications. Based on moderate dosage,CBD lasts in our system for the following time limit.

  • Oral – Around 4-5 days
  • Sublingual / Buccal – 3-4 days
  • Inhalation – 3-4 days
  • Topical – 2-5 days

It is important to note that these average stats may vary depending upon the age, height, weight, metabolism, allergies, medical history, etc. of the patients too which demands the need of a physician here to clear the confusion.

CBD is a non-psychoactive extract from the Cannabis plant that is being used extensively in recent times. Also, the legalization of CBD from industrial hemp has brought things into a happy zone for CBD to say the least. But since things are pretty nascent presently, there is not much of a database when we go for finding the duration that CBD lasts for. Talking of the conclusion, on an average, while CBD?s effect left last for around 3-4 hours, it stays in the body for around 2-4 days.

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