How does CBD make you feel

February 28, 2019

Ever since CBD found its discovery in the mid-twentieth century, there has been a lot that has happened for it & with it. While initially after discovery, people used to doubt it for the medicinal values having the similar high effect just like it sister compound THC or tetrahydrocannabinol, there were many with speculations about it also because of its association with the Cannabis family that it will be addictive for the users & hence is another one in the list of ?substance abuse? medicines. However, thanks to the extensive research & popularity, the splatters of doubtfulness have been shaken off by CBD & now there?s a better & crystal clear insight into a basic question of ?how does CBD make a user feel??

History Of CBD

Cannabis traces its history long long back in the human civilisation with around 4000 years of involvement. The surprise element being that its various shades of religious, spiritual, medicinal & industrial purposes. While it is believed to have been first used in ancient China in around 2900 BC, the herbal qualities of cannabis has been believed to be harnessed by the Indian civilisation as well. From there, it spread over a course of time to the rest of the world to Africa, Europe & then America.

In Pen Ts’au – an ancient text on Chinese medicine by the Father of Chinese Medicine Emperor Shen Yeng, the medical benefits of cannabis plant have been discussed & laid down. In fact, Chinese medical practitioners refer to it till date & this gives us a fair idea of why cannabis got promulgated worldwide for its medicinal values. Shen Yeng himself was an admirer of cannabis & drank tea from cannabis leaves to relieve himself of pain. In India too, cannabis has been found to be of religious & spiritual importance apart from medicinal importance. In one of the four Vedas – Atharva Veda, cannabis has been mentioned in the ?Kingdom Of Five Herbs?.

When the Greeks were out to conquer & expand, one of the physicians named Pedacius Diascorides had his hands through the herbal medicines of all regions they passed through & once they entered the Asian zone, he got his hands laid on cannabis too. In his book, Materia Medica, cannabis?s therapeutic properties have been mentioned alongside 600 herbs of various regions that the Greeks raided during their conquest. In the next thousand years it spread to Europe, Middle-East, Africa & Egypt.

In 1500s & 1600s, a period when hemp was cultivated to make ropes, papers, etc., it was compulsory not just in England but also in the English Colonies to cultivate hemp by every farmer. This was started by King Henry VIII.

Since then,cannabis was ventured & researched into & then CBD & THC were discovered from whereon studies were done to find out the treasure of benefits that both extracts of the plant carry. CBD was discovered accidentally by Dr. Roger Adams with his team but they had no idea on what it was. It was Dr. Raphael Machoulam from Israel who actually found out & decoded the atomic structure of CBD. Since then there has been a lot of research & studies alongside the legal battle for making it accepted as a medicinal wonder.

ECS & eCBs- The Stars Of The Show

Since here we are talking about how does CBD make us feel it is first important to know the way in which CBD introduces itself into our system & how does it get the work done to deliver its patented rainbow of benefits. ?Every mammal has its own system of Cannabinoid production inside the body which is called the Endocannabinoid System (endo means originating within the body). Due to its presence, our body itself produces cannabinoids & is responsible for the regulation of immune system response, pain, memory, appetite, inflammation & maintaining homeostasis in the body. There are two main endocannabinoids (eCBs) produced & circulated by the ECS within the body which are anandamide & 2-arachidonoylglycerol. These two eCBs bind with the CB1 & CB2 receptors that sit ready to interact with them at various points in the body. While the CB1 receptors maintain mood, memory, etc., the CB2 receptors regulate inflammation & immune-system response.

THC or tetrahydrocannabinol influences CB1 receptors? working while CBD influences that of CB2 receptors. Previously, it was believed that CBD helps CB2 receptors interact with the brain by binding with eCBs. However, later on, it was found that CBD doesn?t bind or interact with the receptors but increases the ability of the receptors to bind with eCBs. Thus, increased ability in binding results in better working of the ECS & hence better immune & inflammation response by the body. Also, CBD enhances the production of eCBs with the help of certain enzymes in the body. Thus, the balance of the physiological processes is maintained within the body by CBD.

How Does It Make You Feel?

With the working policy of CBD & ECS?s joint venture on the body, it is now time to focus the spotlight on the showstopper question- how does CBD make you feel? Based on various lab tests, analysis & personal experiences of the users, CBD induces the following feelings on a user:

  1. Better Sleep

    CBD has been reported to treat insomnia & also allow people with chronic pain to sleep better. Our body?s working & co-ordination between the brain is affected majorly by the amount of rest we give it & the best form of rest is sleep. It has been seen that dose of CBD helps people skip the daily monotony of twisting & turning repeatedly on the bed due to insomnia or pain. CBD eases the user into sleep.

    Also, unlike the usual sleeping pills, CBD doesn?t cause any sort of sleep hangover. Neither does CBD get people into sleep with a heavy & drowsy drugged head unlike usual sleeping pills. It hence promotes better sleep among users without troubling them at all.
  2. Relief from Anxiety

    CBD has carved out its space in anxiety relief dominantly & that?s on the basis of the results it promises. CBD?s ability to help out anxiety in humans like Social Anxiety Disorder (SAD) & Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) & in animals like Separation Anxiety have made people reach out to it for relief from anxiety.

    People taking CBD products for relief from anxiety have reported better quality of work & life post dosage as less anxiousness allows better attentiveness towards the world around. Also, unlike anxiolytics, CBD products don?t make a user medicine dependent as they don?t have any high or specific feeling post dosage. This has made CBD products a better choice with treatment of anxiety.
  3. Shielding from Pain

    The ability of CBD to get things going in an improved way in the ECS when it comes to anti-inflammation gets the trick done here as users feel less painful & more relaxed post dosage . combined dose of oral ingestion & topical application have shown much more mobility, lesser inflammation & lesser pain in those affected with arthritis, physical injuries & strains, etc. This feeling of relief from pain has made CBD products a preferred option for pain relief post training or performance injuries & strains.
  4. Attention & Attentiveness

    Since CBD influences how your body responds to pain & anxiety, it allows the body to focus on the things of importance instead of suffering. Thus, when the brain focuses in the right direction, paying attention on tasks is easier. Apart from this, the ability of CBD to calm down the senses & allow proper sleep without hangover gives users a boost up when they wake up when on CBD medication. Thus, their system gets a full recharge & they are more attentive than ever.
  5. Working on Appetite

    CBD products are helpful to get over the feeling of nausea & vomiting. In tough cases like chemotherapy, a study concluded that combined THC & CBD extracts dosage showed people experience lesser nausea & vomiting. Also, often when ill, the feeling of nausea & vomiting keep knocking at the door right at the thought of us eating. Getting over this feeling is all the more necessary to allow the body to get into the routine & pull it off. Whether it?s due to illness or chemotherapy, CBD can help big-time against nausea & vomiting.


With an idea on how CBD makes an individual feel, it might be easy to understand that opposed to the traditional dancing to the beats of pharmaceutical drugs that bring side-effects & hangovers, CBD products are a better choice not just because of having zero negative ripple impacts, but also because of their better effectivity. It doesn?t just get things in shape for temporary basis but has longer impact when dosed normally. Also, its superhero ability to bring to agreement sleep, energy, immunity, focus & relaxation all under a roof make it a more smart & efficient option to resort to when in trouble as not all medicines have this ability to work like a charm without causing any type of side-effects or disruptions. This doesn?t mean that CBD products don?t have side-effects & since the limited side-effects are more limited in magnitude compared to other line of treatments, CBD products are a smart choice to make. Nevertheless, based on your problem, proceeding post the expert advice of a physician can make things much simpler, smoother & relieving.

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