How do I use CBD Oil?

February 26, 2019

While you decide to join the band of people moving towards CBD medication, it is essential to know various things about it inside out. People often switch to CBD oil seeing the various benefits it promises and also the various forms of CBD available at their disposal. The motive of usage varies from arthritis, multiple sclerosis, nausea and vomiting, schizophrenia, acne reduction, sleep disruption, etc. & of course on whom it is being used. However, each form has its own way of working & isn’t a “one size fits all” business. This is what makes it all the more necessary to know first on not just how to use CBD product but also the correct CBD product to choose. This article here will elaborate things for you on regarding how to use CBD oil.

Types of CBD products

CBD oil is the most popular talk of the town when it comes to CBD these days since it was the form where it all began for CBD medication. People often are of the confusion that all CBD products have CBD oil which is not at all correct. In fact, on the contrary, all CBD products contain CBD extract while CBD Oil is only one of the names on the product line of CBD extracts. Though it might not seem as a serious revelation but, as funny as it gets, it actually is. To be on the right road, it is all the more essential to know the basics.

Hence, walking through the various CBD products is necessary for not just clear conception but also future reference and recommendations. The various forms of CBD are as follows:

  • CBD OIL: This is the most popular form of CBD product and is the widely used one too owing to its popularity. CBD oil is either taken as drops directly or mixed with tea, coffee, etc. It contains CBD mixed with MCT oil usually or olive oil and hence is available as CBD oil. These are also available as cooking oils apart from the usual drops
  • CBD Tincture: This is similar form of CBD oil being a tincture contains CBD mixed in alcohol. This is also taken in the form of drops either directly or by mixing in some solvent.
  • CBD Capsules: CBD oil or gel is put into capsules and then it is taken orally.
  • CBD sprays / spritzers: Here, CBD is used in the form of sprays as oral, sublingual dosage or topical dosage. Sprays and Spritzers have minimum CBD content. However, in sprays too, CBD oil is put.
  • CBD Edibles: These come in the form of gums, cookies, brownies, etc infused with CBD extracts. This is a more tasteful method for those who prefer medication without bad taste.
  • Isolates, Wax & Vapes: These can be inhaled as smoke. Vape cartridges are the most popular of these three and are available as e-cigarette pens too. Also, refills are available which can be put into the cartridges & puffed along.
  • Oils, Lotions, Soaps, Shampoos: Primarily a topical form of CBD intake, such oils, lotions, soaps, balms, shampoos, salves, etc are applied on specific areas of the body for relief and excitation.

Why CBD & Where is CBD Needed?

The above listing explained about the various forms of CBD. However, when it comes to CBD Oil in particular, it’s important to clarify the goal why and where is it needed. This is because CBD has 65 target points in the body and given the vast therapeutic properties, it is important to know where it’s target is and what is the desired effect in a given time-frame. These factors indeed take the projectile of impact and medication in the right direction. Missing out here is simply like faltering in the first step itself, which makes the path ahead not as desirably efficient and productive as you expected and bought the tickets for. It is hence crucial to clarify the basics and have a fair idea before venturing out to choose your product.

For instance, some people have troubles where they want instant relief as in case of menstrual cramps or in case of arthritis pain. In the former case, suppository or topical lotions can help, while in the latter, topical lotion or balm would be the best way out. For other cases, it is needed to travel through the bloodstream into the brain or immune system or other locations to kick-start the charm and here either CBD oil, tinctures, capsules or vapes and waxes work best based on whether it is needed to give a quick jab at the trouble or a longer impact where it stays throughout the system and continues its trick. In case of oral ingestion like capsules and edibles, it takes time to work because of the travel through the digestive tract and breakdown in the liver. Also, in the liver, things might get tricky if the person is already on other prescription drugs as metabolism of CBD gets slowed due to other medications in certain cases. Thus, CBD oil has to be chosen smartly on the basis of proper research and understanding.

How to take your CBD Oil. Choosing the right one

CBD oil comes in the form of oral oils, tinctures, capsules, cooking oils, topical balms, vapes, edibles, sprays and spritzers. It is hence necessary to now come to the main point of discussion and solve the big question on “how to take CBD oil” and of course, a question that travels parallely with it – “which one is the right CBD for me?” One important thing which should be addressed right before answering the questions is the part of knowing that not just one dose & method of CBD but a combination of different forms of CBD is also needed to get better results.

There are 5 main ways to take CBD oil and they are as below:

  1. ORALLY – capsules, oil, edibles, tinctures

    In this method, CBD is taken directly through the mouth where it travels through the digestive tract & enters the bloodstream. Since the component becomes a part of the digestive system, this method takes at least an hour or two to show effects & is the slowest one. However, the longest time CBD stays active in the body is through oral ingestion only. This method is ideal for neurological problems & disorders plus pain-relieving purposes (combination dose). .

    It is usually advisable to take it on a full stomach as CBD is absorbed more that way. Also, it is fat soluble, so, taking some fats before dosage can help the cause greatly by threefold absorption into the bloodstream. This is the basic reason why CBD oil comes mostly mixed with MCT oil.
  2. SUBLINGUAL / BUCCAL – spray, spritzers, tinctures & oil

    This is a method for instant relief where capillary rich areas are targeted & instant relief is sought. Areas under the tongue, along the gums & cheeks capillary rich. Thus, placing CBD Oil & Tincture drops allows instant absorption by the blood vessels within a minute or two & CBD gets going into the bloodstream. This is also for neurological problems & disorders apart from pain-relieving purposes (combination dose).
  3. INHALATION – vapes

    CBD oil absorbed through vapes is indeed the quickest ways to get CBD going in the bloodstream. However, it remains active in the bloodstream for the shortest time. For instant relief from pain or sleep disorders this is often preferred & also for anxiety, depression, etc.

  4. TOPICAL- balms & salves

    Balms & salves have CBD oil in them & applying them on skin gives CBD oil access to muscles, pain-perceiving nerves & inflammatory cells as it ?penetrates through the skin. Transdermal products are necessary to be bought else it becomes tough for CBD oil to penetrate the dermal layers & get going.

    This method is beneficial in case of pain-killing, acne & skin problems & other localized problems.

  5. VAGINAL & ANAL- suppositories & sprays

    CBD product is applied to the mucosal areas where it is absorbed by the blood capillaries for local zones of pain relief. Anal suppository placement method is a less preferred one but is used in serious conditions. This ingestion is usually done in case of menstrual cramps (vaginal suppository) or sexual pleasure (topical vulva spray) enhancement.

Now, take CBD without worries

With how to take CBD answered, we hope that you’ll be able to choose the right CBD oil product for yourself and consume it with ease too. However, people often fall into two basic traps- one of trusting big brands blindly and other going for cheaper options without a second thought. It is not wrong to not trust brands blindly and go for top brands at the same time.

As an aware consumer, don’t hold back from knowing your purchase. Since you are usually not the one with a lab coat and knowledge on purity check, don’t be shy in asking for a Certificate of Analysis from the seller. This in turn will save the trouble and ensure you with the best CBD oil product for your benefits. Also, whether you’re buying it for yourself or family or pets, don’t squeeze in on the budget as cheaper costs might deliver cheaper products which, in the end, will raise ineffectivity troubles or side-effects some day or the other. Hence, spending extra buck on better brands and quality will be a bit expensive but it will be equally effective too.

So have your CBD oil without worries, once and for all!

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