Can CBD Oil Make You Sleepy

April 12, 2019

Can CBD oil make you sleepy? Many are now asking this question because both CBD oil & CBD are new to the scene. Thus, there are going to be a lot of doubts, a lot of talks & a lot of clarification to be done. There is an increase in the number of users of CBD products, specially CBD oil since it is the most famous form of CBD product. However, people have limited knowledge on the benefits in true sense. There’s nobody to blame for it since the field is new as mentioned earlier. But, it is the lack of knowledge which should be blamed for certain fingers that are raised at not just CBD oil but also CBD products. One common allegation is that CBD oil makes users sleepy.


Cannabis has had a fair share of involvement with mankind since long. This dates back to thousands of years where it wasn?t just used for medical benefits but hemp, one of the varieties? of cannabis plant, was used to make paper, clothes & ropes. It had its mention in Chinese Medicine, India?s Atharva Veda as well as in Greek history during Alexander?s conquest. In all these cases, the medicinal role was talked about while in India it had both religious & spiritual importance as well. It was later in the 20th century, that the components of cannabis for medicinal values were found as CBD & THC.

CBD or cannabidiol is a phytocannabinoid extract from the cannabis sativa & cannabis indica family of the cannabis plants. Thus, it is found in both industrial hemp as well as marijuana plants. There is a difference in the content levels of both as hemp boasts off a high CBD content while marijuana has more of THC or tetrahydrocannabinol. Also, in hemp, the legal variety contains less than 0.3% THC in it. This is done to ensure CBD free of any sort of psychotic or trance state of mind which is usually the case with THC. In addition, since CBD is a sister compound of THC, it is fair at the first instance to doubt it for carrying similar effects just like THC. However, the reality is contrary to the notion that THC & CBD are the same. This is because CBD is completely non-psychoactive & hence doesn?t cause any sort of high which THC does. This can be understood as below:

  1. Our body & the body of all mammals have their own system of endocannabinoids called the endocannabinoid system. This system regulates the bodily functions like homeostasis, memory, pain, appetite, immune system response, response to stress, etc.
  2. This system works with the CB1 & CB2 receptors which are present at different ends of the body. CB1 receptors are abundant in the brain & the central nervous system. The CB2 receptors are scattered in the entire body & are present in the peripheral nervous system.
  3. CB1 receptors are influenced by THC while CBD has its link with CB2 receptors.
  4. When CB1 receptors are influence by THC, it triggers the release of dopamine which causes the ?high? feeling. It is only through CB1 receptors that the ?high? feeling comes into play.
  5. Since CBD works in the territory of the CB2 receptors, there?s no release of dopamine & hence no high effect.

Hence, as the reality is, CBD doesn?t induce any sort of ?trance? feeling when consumed unlike THC. CBD oil, tinctures, vapes, etc are hence completely free from any intoxication as long as they have been extracted from hemp which has THC concentration equal to or less than the legal figures of 0.3%.

Can CBD Oil Make You Sleepy


We just had our hands on the revelation of the difference between CBD &? ECS. However, that was things only in a nutshell. The real explanation of why people often doubt CBD oil to make them sleepy is because of some of the benefits which are as under:

  1. Anxiety & DepressionCBD oil is the best form of CBD medication for anxiety & depression. CBD has the ability to trigger & also check the secretion of serotonin levels. When the body has excess of serotonin, CBD helps bring it down while it pushes it up when the level falls. Serotonin is the hormone responsible for mood & social behaviour. Low levels of serotonin are indications of anxiety & depression. CBD oil is beneficial especially in case of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder & Social Anxiety Disorder for humans while for animals, it is good in separation anxiety.Many anxiolytics & antidepressants induce drowsiness, sleepiness & tiredness. Examples include tricyclics, doxepin, imipramine, etc. Also, such medications have negative post withdrawal symptoms & often lead to a kind of dependence in patients. CBD oil plays a role of natural anxiolytic & hence people doubt regarding the same effect from CBD oil too since the point of action is the brain.
  2. Anti-inflammation & Pain KillingCBD oil is extremely beneficial for pain killing & inflammations too. This dose is often combined with topical application of CBD balms & lotions. This is due to the natural property of CBD having an anti-inflammatory role. CBD makes the CB2 receptors influence ECS for lessening in pain & inflammation which provides relief. CBD is used as painkiller in some cases mixed with THC.

Painkillers like aspirin, acetaminophen, ibuprofen, naproxen, etc. pose damage to kidney, stomach & liver when consumed for long.

  1. Sleep DisorderCBD is being seen also as a good sleep medicine due to its ability to induce better sleep in people. This is because it acts in relaxing the mind & freeing it from stress, anxiety & depression – the common causes of sleep disorder. Also, CBD oil users have reported better energy levels in daytime & better sleep at night which strengthens the claim.Sleep meds like antihistamines & others are sedative in nature. Their effect doesn?t wear off so easily.
  2. Rumors Of ConversionIt is a rumor that has spread like wildfire that CBD gets converted into THC inside the digestive system. Since it is THC being talked about, so the drowsiness & sedative feeling automatically creeps up. This wrong notion has led people to the fact that CBD causes sleepiness. However, CBD doesn?t get converted into THC & this has been tested by the World Health Organisation (WHO) itself.


CBD Oil stands as the accused in the eyes of people without any practical reason. While we can?t blame anybody for it due to the nascent scheme of things for it, the rumors & unclear concepts can be credited for the wrong image of CBD & all its products. CBD is on one side combating the struggle against pharmaceutical meds, which help in their way from relieving off ailments but there are differences which had been highlighted briefly in the previous section.

It is important to know that while sedatives are full of serious side effects, specially in long-term usage neither CBD oil nor any other CBD products? usage hasn?t reported any deaths so far. One report of FDA stated 1 million deaths due to to the adverse effects of prescription drugs between 2009 & 2017. CBD?s side effects are completely minimal & non-threatening to life. They also don?t cause withdrawal symptom issues because there?s no release of dopamine. They act at the site of the problem, i.e. by working with the ECS to get it resolved which is a better & a genuine cure. On the other hand, sedatives & prescription drugs give temporary relief from the trouble & blocks pain for a while. Also, CBD products decrease the side effects of prescription drugs like vomiting & nausea.


CBD oil has been? a source of immense benefits & has carved out its own space in a short time. After a,long legal struggle, CBD has been legalized & the popularity for it is on the rise. But based on the researches & studies, it is quite clear that CBD is here to stay for long. Though, it is still in the list of Schedule 1 Drugs while certain other pharmaceutical drugs which turn harmful over a course of time are under Schedule 5 Drugs. At the same time, it is wrong to say that all pharmaceutical drugs are harmful but yes, some of them can be extremely lethal & hence CBD is a better option.

As a medicine, CBD oil doesn?t cause the user to feel sleepy but instead helps those with insomnia. It has the ability to strike a balance between the sleep-wake cycle as well. A lab study on rat found that dosage of CBD didn?t just help it sleep better but also made it more attentive during the day. We hence get an idea that CBD oil is surely a much better remedy compared to traditional pharmaceutical drugs. It is safe even when overdosed, doesn?t cause dependency & most importantly, doesn?t cause a drowsy hangover but ensures a relaxed feel of things. So if you had the confusion that CBD oil will make you feel sleepy, be happy to know that it won?t!

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