Can CBD Oil Keep You Awake

April 12, 2019

CBD oil has emerged as a wonderful medication of late & though it isn?t officially a medicine & is being sold as a food supplement, the users are reaping medical benefits of it. As a herbal extract which has come a long way after being completely illegal & then being partially legal to order & import for personal use & finally getting legalised within the country, CBD has had quite a story full of sweet & sour memories. It is due to the excellence in its serving of multiple benefits that CBD oil is being used extensively by people at all levels. However, since CBD oil has benefits that are related to the brain people often end up asking –Can CBD oil keep me awake?


It is no less than a wonder that out of all the list of benefits that CBD oil brings with itself, most of them are the ones where the involvement of the brain is extremely high. Briefly, it can be stated that CBD oil is no less than a diplomat who takes charge of the situation when the working goes wrong & makes the brain calm down & work better to relieve it of the negativities. Thus, we see that CBD & the brain have a very strong bond as when both of them work, things go considerably balanced leading to better living conditions for the user – human or animal.

  1. CBD has an influence on the serotonin hormone which is responsible for mood & social behaviour. This hormone?s low content in the body makes people either depressed or anxious, CBD has been seen as a good cure for this problem as CBD boosts the levels of serotonin specially in case of Social Anxiety DIsorder & Post Traumatic Stress Disorder for humans & Separation Anxiety in animals. In this way, when the serotonin levels go down, CBD makes the charm work & causes an increase in the levels of it while when it is extremely high, CBD counters the secretion.
  2. CBD has anti-inflammatory properties. This in turn not just relaxes the senses by reducing the pain but also reduces inflammation at points of injury but like in arthritis, muscle strains, etc. It is a preferred choice of relief for people suffering from chronic pain as well as the likes of athletes & sportsperson who have a regular encounter with muscle injuries, strains, etc. CBD oil, tablets alongside CBD topicals provide great relief from pain. It was even in earlier days of cannabis?s medical uses in earlier years when it was also given as a medication for treatment of gout. No wonder CBD also had a role there & can?t be undermined.
  3. CBD products have also been seen as helpful in case of schizophrenia as they calm down the brain. The study is still at a mixed bag level where in one study CBD countered showing its antipsychotic side while in the other was ineffective. But the former?s positive results have given a ray of hope to researchers.
  4. CBD used for Lennox-Gastaut syndrome & Dravet Syndrome. A prescription medicine named epidiolex is used to treat them which contains CBD & is the first & only approved CBD medicine by the FDA.
  5. CBD oil has also been seen to help people have a good night?s sleep. It allows them to relax & sleep easy by taking away the brain?s focus from anxiety, stress & depression. Also, CBD oil doesn?t make people have a heavy head the next morning neither does it make people addicted to its usage.
  6. CBD has also been seen to help neural regeneration in the hippocampal region & also protecting the brain cells from damage. It stands in way as a guard to the brain & allows the brain cells to regenerate as well.

These points give us a good idea regarding the goodness carried by CBD oil & other CBD products in relation to their tuning with the brain. All these major problems have fund a good cure with CBD oil & this is why there?s a good name for CBD oil.


As we all know, CBD is a cannabinoid. However, there?s not just cannabinoids from cannabis plants but other sources as well. Thus, there are different types of cannabinoids based on their source of generation & they have been listed as below:

  1. Phytocannabinoid – The word ?phyto? means related to plants & hence phytocannabinoids are those cannabinoids that are found in plants. These include cannabis sativa & cannabis indica plants. Some most common phytocannabinoids are- CBD, THC, CBG, CBN, etc. Yes, our very own CBD is a phytocannabinoid.
  2. Endocannabinoid – ?Endo? implies to within the body & hence endocannabinoids are the ones produced inside the body. eCBs are found in the body of all mammals. Anandamide & 2-arachidonoylglycerol are popular eCBs when we talk about CBD & eCBs.
  3. Synthetic Cannabinoids – Those cannabinoids which are be prepared inside the lab artificially are called synthetic cannabinoids. Such is the wonder of synthetic cannabinoids that CBD can be converted into THC in the lab through reactions.

From the above description, it is clear that the human body has its own system for producing cannabinoids. This system is responsible for various functions which include:

– pain
– inflammation

– appetite
– memory

– immune system response
– stress response
– sleep

– homeostasis

– mood
– social behaviour

In order to regulate this working, the ECS or a network of neural transmitters secrets eCBs. These eCBs react with the cannabinoid receptors namely CB1 & CB2 receptors. While the CB1 receptors are present in high concentration in the brain & throughout the central nervous system, the CB2 receptors are present in abundance throughout the peripheral organs of the body & nerve endings. The binding of the two receptors with the eCBs is in fact the process responsible for bringing about the change. Thus, the ECS works for the benefit of the body.


We discussed about the relation of CBD with the brain & the way in which CBD works with the problems of the brain. Going a bit deep into it, we find that it is the ECS which had an involvement in the way the body responds to all problems that are tackled by CBD. This definitely makes it doubtful to believe that there?s definitely a connection between CBD & the ECS. In fact, it is true. ECS shares a working relation with CBD which in turn shows its effect on the issues.

As a matter of fact, though the human body produces its own cannabinoids, they are not enough for the processing of the numerous roles & there?s always a scope for that extra hand. This role is fulfilled by CBD & THC who influence the way CB1 & CB2 receptors bind with the eCBs. It is through the influence on this binding mechanism that CBD affects the secretion of hormones & the signalling of anti-inflammatory & pain-killing properties. Though CBD doesn?t interact with either the eCBs or the receptors, it acts as a catalyst & speeds up the process. One thing to be noted is that CBD influences only the CB2 receptors. Thus, there?s no sense of high that CBD inflicts in the body since that only happens when dopamine secretion comes into play which is possible when THC is in the frame. Here, since we are talking about CBD so we will restrict it till CBD & CB2 receptors only.

Thus, in case of brain issues, CBD influences the levels of serotonin hormone which decides if a person is normal or in anxiety & depression. A 2011 study observed that when people with generalized Social Anxiety Disorder (SAD) were given 600mg of CBD oil prior to a public speaking test, as opposed to a placebo, the former group experienced significantly lesser anxiety, difficulty & discomfort during their speech.


In a 2006 lab study on a rat, it was discovered that a dose of CBD not just helped the rat to have improved sleep but also found an increase in alertness which showed that CBD, when used for sleeping, doesn?t just help in sleep but affects the sleep-wake cycle as a whole. Also, the users of CBD oil have always reported that their brain has seen improvement in focus & betterment in energy levels after CBD oil dosage. In addition, they all have agreed that CBD oil allows with a more relaxed sleep & helps the body fall into sleep gradually through relaxation rather than loss of senses as in case of sleep medicines. Thus, CBD oil aids in bringing the sleep & awakening cycle in parallel & hence it can be concluded that CBD oil helps to not just sleep better but stay awake as well. It will allow you to have a better sleep when you sleep & support you with higher energy levels, focus & remain real alet when awake. So if you are thinking about getting your CBD oil to stay awake & remain active, CBD oil is the right choice for you.

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