Can CBD Oil Help You Sleep

April 12, 2019

?Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy & wise? – this saying has indeed played a great role in putting our lives on schedule when we were children. As an irony, by the time we grew, it was too late to make things better as we realized that this saying was a more friendlier way of warning us against adulthood because a better life is the one with a routine, always. As we grew adults we found ourselves getting involved in factors more than one which kept us on the edge of affairs always & hence occupied the back of our minds constantly accompanying us like our shadow. This led to a disturbed life for most of us as our quality of life depreciated & there were health problems which grabbed us by the collar. Obesity, insomnia, hypertension, blood pressure issues, etc are some of them to name a few.

To cure this trouble, people have tried a lot of medicines & treatments but they often ended up pulling back from it due to side-effects or getting addicted to the medications. With CBD or cannabidiol as one of the recent wonders in medical science, people are looking up to it with high hopes & they look forward to CBD oil with one question – can CBD oil help somebody sleep?

Let?s see if CBD oil has it in its grasp.


CBD oil has recently been one of the most recent achievements of herbal medication & is the most popular CBD product so far. It is made by extracting the CBD extract from the hemp & marijuana plants, mainly hemp. This is because hemp has higher content of CBD in it & lesser content of THC which allows to get an extract that maintains the non-psychoactive feature of CBD. If derived from marijuana, firstly, the content of CBD would be much low as compared to hemp & secondly, the extract will have high value of THC which will either have to be separated through more processing or be used as it is. This is the reason why hemp is the legalised form of CBD source.

CBD oil is made by either one of the various processes namely:

  1. Superficial CO2 Extraction
  2. Ethanol Extraction
  3. Hydrocarbon Extraction
  4. Lipid Extraction

Out of all these methods, CO2 extraction method is the best & the most preferred one because of 90%+ efficiency rate. Other processes are either not that friendly or don?t promise good quality of CBD oil. Hence, it is extracted through superficial CO2 extraction method.

CBD oil is taken as drops either directly or mixed in water or any other solvent like tea, coffee, juice, etc. Some people even mix it in honey & use it as a spread daily on toast or bread. Thus, CBD oil stands as a method of orally administered supplement. Also, CBD oil is not an official medicine but a food supplement because CBD hasn?t made it out of the Schedule 1 Drugs list into the Schedule 5 Drugs list yet. Hence, it is sold labelled as a food supplement & not a medication.


When talk about lack of sleep or insomnia, we get a picture of either a person finding it trouble to fall asleep or the one whose sleep keeps on breaking every now & then multiple times while asleep. Insomnia is determined by the sleep quality of an individual & the way they feel after the sleep & not by the hours slept or the time taken to fall asleep. Estimates say that 30-35% of the Americans have insomnia & it points to a direction in which insomnia may soon be seen as an epidemic. This is indeed a challenge at hand since persistent condition of insomnia is a key to various health problems.

Insomnia may be referred to the following factors as a cause:

  1. Stress
  2. Anxiety & Depression
  3. Emotional Issues
  4. Trauma
  5. Existing Medications

These factors together play a role in sleep disruption of people which makes them experience insomnia. However, if not treated within time, this problem might find its way & become chronic which will lead to bad mood, irritated appearance & behaviour. Insomnia affects our brain considerably & might change us entirely. Thus, getting a solution to it before things go bad is seriously needed.


With the benefits of CBD oil known to us through various sources, it is necessary to know how does CBD oil work its way through into our system & effect sleep disorder. Yes, you read it right, CBD oil can actually help you with sleep & allow you with a more rested brain & hence a better day.

Our body has its own system of producing cannabinoids & it?s called the ECS or Endocannabinoid System. This system has a variety of cannabinoids of which anandamide & 2-arachidonoylglycerol are the most popular. The entire system works with the binding of these eCBs (endocannabinoids) along with the receptors – CB1 & CB2. These receptors are present throughout the body. While the CB1 receptors are present in the brain & the central nervous system CB2 receptors are distributed throughout the body & found in peripheral organs. Thus, on the basis of this binding, the ECS regulates various physiological functions like pain, memory, sleep, appetite, immunity, etc.

Now comes the role of CBD. Since our body has its own system of producing cannabinoids, one might ask why do we need it externally. We need it externally because the body doesn?t produce enough cannabinoids. When CBD & THC enter the picture, they influence the ECS in such? a way that the binding between the receptors & eCBs gets a boost. Thus, the condition of a person improves as a result of this since the ECS works at a faster pace in a better way.

CBD oil,? as mentioned earlier is taken orally. The drops, ingested directly or through fluids & food, then passes through the digestive tract & find its way into the liver. It is the liver where the actual metabolism of CBD oil takes place & hence, from here onwards, CBD enters the bloodstream making its way onto the target zone. This entire process takes around an hour or two on average. If the stomach is full of fat-rich food, the metabolism is better since fats absorb CBD more & hence the breakdown yields more CBD content entering the bloodstream.

CBD, based on the play between eCBs & CB2 receptors,has a direct influence on the secretion of the serotonin hormone. This hormone is responsible for maintaining mood & social behaviour of people. To make things simpler, it is the serotonin hormone which has a influence on anxiety & depression. Low levels of it ensure putting a person into anxiety, while extremely low levels of it, make a person depressed. Though, the medicinal market has provision for these in the form of anxiolytics, people don?t usually go for it since it is full of side-effects & often causes dependency & poses troubles in withdrawal. This has indeed turned people towards CBD to cure anxiety & depression as it doesn?t cause any sort of dependency & is free from side-effects.

CBD has been found beneficial in curing Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) & Social Anxiety Disorder (SAD). In fact, a very popular study showed people affected with SAD become more easy, comfortable & confident during speech delivery when dosed with CBD. Thus, CBD does wonders in treating anxiety. Various studies have also shown that CBD improves the cognitive functions as well & hence helps the brain counter stress better.

As mentioned earlier, insomnia is caused primarily due to depression, anxiety & stress. While the period of stress may be limited in some case, for people with chronic insomnia, stress is a regular thing.

Research is still on but some studies also point to better sleep-wake cycle through use of CBD. In a 2006 study, a rat was dosed with CBD & it was found that not only it slept better but it was also more alert in the daytime. During night, that alertness was missing & better sleep was seen. This points out that CBD doesn?t just improve the quality of sleep but also it improves the activeness in the brain. Though more research are under way, such studies always lead to the positives.


So now that you have a confirmation that CBD oil helps relieve sleep disorders & you venture out to order your CBD oil, let us hold you for a little more as the discussion isn?t over. There?s a catch here to clear things up. While you might think that CBD counters insomnia, it is not true at all. In fact, since the ECS is responsible for our body?s working & of course, the maintenance of homeostasis, it is the improvement on this system which enables the brain to work properly & hence provide better sleep to people.

The World Health Organization states depression as the biggest contributor to disability worldwide while anxiety is sixth on the list for the same reason. Unlike medicines for sleep like sleeping pills which sedate the body & lead people to sleep, CBD doesn?t sedate the body. Instead it fights & repairs the main causes of insomnia, i.e. anxiety, stress & depression. When these things fall into balance, the brain automatically works better & this helps in improved sleep & hence an end to insomnia. This is how the body counters insomnia & helps you with a good night sleep. So if you want to try CBD oil for treating sleep disorders, you surely can.

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