Can CBD Oil Cure Cancer

April 12, 2019

CBD oil has been in a lot of talks for the various benefits it carries. As the times pass by, more & more discoveries are coming our way related to CBD. Not just this but the increase in the number of researchers & experts after legalisation of CBD have somewhat given boost to the story of CBD research. This will indeed be a good prospect for the future of CBD as better researches will lead to more conclusions & findings regarding the benefits, harms & side=effects of it. Although so far there have been no issues in terms of harms & side-effects so far, but since the field of study is completely new so the recent studies & findings might be like 1/10th ratio of the tip of the iceberg & the iceberg itself. This leads us to a point where we can?t totally depend on CBD for every problem coming our way but rather wait for it.

Adding to this, seeing the numerous benefits of CBD oil, people often ask if CBD oil can cure cancer. As a matter of fact, things are quite confusing & this has been explained in the article up ahead.


CBD oil is a herbal oil that?s made from the extracts called Cannabinoid found in Cannabis, Marijuana & Industrial Hemp plants. These plants have a plethora of over 104 extracts & terpenes of which, 40% concentration is inhabited by CBD. Out of these extracts, THC or tetrahydrocannabinol had been a more popular remedy until some time ago when CBD made its way back from a historic exile that continued for generations (rediscovered in 1940). One of the best things that CBD brings to the table is the lack of intoxication effect unlike its sister extract THC. This makes it a more preferred option as compared to THC. This feature also keeps it miles away of being used for recreational purposes. Even the World Health Organisation (WHO) has reported – ?cannabidiol is not likely to be abused or create dependence as for other cannabinoids (THC)?.

However, post discovery, it has been shaking off splatters of the stigma that it has carried due to its belongingness to the Cannabis family. It has been a tough journey with medical practitioners finally switching to it for treatment of ailments due to its magical healing abilities & less-serious side-effects as compared to anxiolytics & other pharmaceutical drugs. Besides, it has also gained legalisation in developed countries like USA & UK at different levels which shall help it spread its wings finally throughout the world as a natural way out of various ailments. This legalization has given hopes to a deeper research among the practitioners of the trade.

CBD is mainly prepared from the industrial hemp leaves owing to the legality & though there are multiple methods of its extraction, yet it is mostly through superficial CO2 extraction where 90% efficiency & guarantee of the most concentrated form of CBD is found. This method entails passing through of CO2 gas under high pressure at low temperatures. Thus the gas gets converted into liquid state & is then made to pass through the plant material where it acts as a solvent & gets the cannabinoids to mix in it without chlorophyll. In the final phase of the process, the collected solution is heated where CO2 vapourizes & only pure CBD oil is left. Since it is a widely used method of extraction for its purity, the process requires well-trained operators & high-cost equipment. This in turn also increases the cost of CBD oil derived from this method apart from the purity factor. But, the purity of? CBD oil from this method is beyond better than any method.


A disease that breaks individuals completely too often & has minimal chances of recovery unless diagnosed in early stages, cancer has been a word that all of us in the world dread upon. The pain, the problems that it leads to has caused the entire world be curse this disease & pray for the discovery of cures for it. The most dreadful thing about this disease is its presence in 100 different types like skin cancer, brain cancer, blood cancer, mouth cancer, lung cancer, colon cancer, etc to name a few.

The base of life is cell division, i.e, new cells growing in the body, old cells dying & new cells taking place of the dead ones. Cancer begins when this process gets altered by genetic changes. As a result, cells start growing abnormally & thus they get aggregated into a mass called ?tumor?. It is purely a matter of luck if the tumor becomes harmless or harmful. When such tumors grow & start spreading to other parts of the body it means that cancer has made its strike. Some tumors grow but don?t spread. In that case, it is good to say that the person is safe from cancer. But, some cancers don?t form a tumor & hence we have explained the type of cancers as below:

  1. Carcinoma

    The most common type of cancer? begins in the skin or the tissue that covers the surface of internal organs & glands & is characterized by solid tumors usually. Prostate cancer, breast cancer, lung cancer are examples of it.
  2. SarcomasIt begins in the tissues connecting & supporting the body & hence can develop in fat, muscles, nerves, tendons, joints, blood vessels, lymph vessels, bones or cartilage.
  3. LeukemiaIt is the nickname for blood cancer. Its onset comes with change in healthy blood cells due to which they grow uncontrollably. There are four types of leukemia -? acute lymphocytic, chronic lymphocytic, acute myeloid & chronic myeloid.
  4. LymphomaAs indicative, it begins inthe lymphatic system. There are two main types of lymphomas: Hodgkin & non-Hodgkin lymphoma.


There are expectations for CBD oil to work for cancer as well. Since it has worked for problems of different genres, people can?t help but keep expecting cancer cure news regarding CBD oil. As a matter of fact, CBD oil has been seen to be good for cancer in some studies while in some it has proven either ineffective or opposite in nature by promoting the growth of cancer cells. Some of them have been mentioned ahead.

In-vitro tests have shown positive results in case of human breast cancer as CBD was seen to kill the human breast cancer cells while on similar test on mice, CBD stopped the growth of aggressive breast cancer cells. As a surprise, this came without the influence of CBD on the CB2 receptors which is very much unlike the way CBD works on our body. Other lab studies have also showed anti-tumor properties of CBD. also, CBD has presented itself as anti-cancerous in case of colon cancer in mice.

Things do seem bright for cancer treatment via CBD oil but one thing which must be maintained & understood is that these studies & most studies being talked about have only been done in lab conditions. It is easier to kill cancer cells in lab conditions than in human body. This is the reasons why experts & researchers are still mum on their views on the question if we can see CBD oil as a possible cure to cancer. Though CBD & THC have proven good to reduce pain after chemotherapy sessions & have shown lesser tendency of vomiting & nausea after the same, how much CBD can be beneficial is still a matter of unknown revelation.


From the above words it is clear that CBD oil might be a house of anti-cancer properties. However, things are still uncertain as in certain studies, CBD has also shown to promote the spread & growth of cancer cells. This is why we can?t totally rely on the positives & conclude that CBD oil is helpful for cancer.

You might mention the case of Rick Simpson?s oil where he used CBD oil on himself & treated his skin cancer. He even encourages people to make it. However, there?s no scientific proof of it of how effective the oil is & hence we can?t totally rely on it.

For concluding, we must say that the days for relying on CBD oil for cancer aren?t still here yet. Many brands sell it but it is completely unregulated & there is no such proof of treating cancer by CBD oil. It is reiterate that CBD oil can be a good treatment of cancer in future but until any solid claim comes from sources with proper proof, we shouldn?t take it for granted that CBD is a friend for cancer.

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