Just CBD Review for 2023 – Buying CBD Oil Online

November 6, 2019

Just CBD Review: What you should know before buying CBD Oil from Just CBD.

Despite being relatively new in the CBD market, Just CBD has transformed into an industry leader since its formation in 2017. The company was formed with an aim to change the negative stereotypes associated with CBD products.

The demand for CBD products has increased over the years, especially as people look to capitalize on marijuana`s benefits without consuming THC. As a result of the overwhelming demand, several companies have emerged intending to satisfy client needs, which continue to change over time.

Just CBD, similar to other top producers in the market, is solely focused on providing high-quality CBD products. The company prides itself in conducting world-class lab tests to confirm the legitimacy and accurate concentration of all its CBD products.

In this read, we will review Just CBD, its main products, and its unique approach to producing world-class CBD products. In addition to examining the company and its strategy, we will also provide tips for successfully purchasing CBD oil online.

CBD Products Offered by Just CBD

CBD Oil Tincture

Just CBD oil tinctures are inspired by the need to provide quality organic CBD oil. The tinctures are created from high-quality hemp as opposed to THC-rich marijuana; this allows you to maximize on CBD benefits without coming into contact with THC.

All concentrates and oils produced by Just CBD are manufactured solely in their organic, purest forms, and they include:

  • Coconut Oil Tincture
  • Daily Dose-Coconut Oil
  • Daily Dose- Hemp Seed
  • Hemp Seed Oil
  • Liquid Honey Tincture

Vape Oil Cartridges and CBD Vape Pens

Since its official entry into the industry, Just CBD continues to provide a diverse range of vape cartridges to soothe clients` pain and ease off their stress. Some of the flavors manufactured by the company include honey, mango, strawberry, and blueberry.

Just CBD also manufactures signature cartridges that include Northern Lights, Sour Diesel, and Pineapple Express. Luckily, the cartridges do not leave a taste and can be regularly used as they are manufactured using organic material.

To get the most out of its vape cartridges, Just CBD recommends using a 510 thread pen, which is fully compatible with all cartridges.

Just CBD Review

Just CBD Gummies and Edibles

In recent years, CBD gummies have become increasingly popular, more so due to their ease of use. Gummies provide a fun and less strenuous alternative to dealing with cartridges, pens, and tinctures. Just CBD mixes high-quality hemp with a wide array of exciting but safe to consume flavors.

If you are a sweet tooth and want to experience the benefits of CBD firsthand, then you should try out CBD gummies. Just CBD produces its gummy products in the range of 8-25 mg per gummy, which makes the gummies appropriate for those looking for either low or high doses of CBD.

Unfortunately, CBD gummies have been marred by controversy over the years, especially due to the strong after taste that is associated with low-quality production. Just CBD, on the contrary, provides one of the most enjoyable flavors that leave no aftertaste.

Below are the gummy flavors produced by Just CBD:

  • Sour bear
  • Clear bear
  • Clear worms
  • Sour Worms
  • Apple rings
  • Peach rings
  • Happy face
  • Blueberry rings

The flavors come in different sizes ranging from 250 mg to 3000 mg jars depending on client preferences. This allows you to select the appropriate size that meets your demands.

However, if you are a gummy junky like most of us, we recommend purchasing a large size to avoid making several purchases. Remember, buying a large jar doesn’t mean that you have more CBD concentration. Always check on the content levels to ensure that you get the right dose.

Disclaimer: Gummies are likely to melt if left in the mailbox or exposed to direct sunlight for over 15 minutes during summer. Therefore, be sure to have someone on standby to collect your gummy supplies during delivery.

Impressively, Just CBD also offers sugar-free alternatives for clients looking to snack on CBD gummies without consuming sugar. The sugar-free gummies are made from industrial hemp as opposed to marijuana-rich THC. This allows you to achieve your lifestyle goals without compromising on your targets.

The zero sugar gummies contain zero cholesterol and are made from real fruit juice, which makes them highly nutritious. Just CBD produces its sugar-free gummies in 250mg-1000mg bottles.


Despite being a new-comer in the CBD market, Just CBD is among the leading producers when it comes to high-quality varieties. As you might be aware, most companies tend to mask the actual content of their products, a move which, more often than not, ends up harming the user. However, Just CBD takes a unique approach by conducting extensive lab exams on its products before releasing them for consumption.

The availability of different products and a wide range of CBD concentration levels make Just CBD an appropriate option for various users. If you don’t fancy sugar in your diet, then you can enjoy Just CBD’s sugar-free gummies. Just CBD offers something for everyone.

The main disadvantage or challenge of Just CBD products is their fairly high costs. However, the prices are worth it since the company only deals with high-quality, organic products to manufacture CBD.

How to Buy CBD Oil Online

While buying CBD products online might appear easy, it can be daunting and highly frustrating, especially if done without caution.

The lack of adequate regulation in the CBD oil market only makes it easier for unscrupulous traders to take advantage of unknowing clients. But you don’t have to be one of them. Read on to find out the best ways to safely purchase CBD Oil online

1. Read Online Customer Reviews

Reputable companies rarely shy away from showcasing reviews made by their happy clients. Never buy a CBD product online without reviewing some of the feedback provided by clients. In the customer review section, you will get a better understanding of the benefits as well as challenges associated with the products.

Here`s a valuable tip to keep in mind, avoiding relying on customer reviews from the selling company`s website. Most companies are known to fake reviews in efforts to appeal to clients. If possible, read reviews from independent sites that examine CBD producing companies.

2. Have a Basic Understanding of CBD Products

To make a fully informed decision when buying online, you will need to understand the basics of CBD oil. Do you want zero THC concentration? Or do you want a product that might contain some THC? If you are like most of us and just want the benefits without the high, then you will need to go for products made from hemp.

CBD Oil made from marijuana contains more than 0.3 THC, which can have an undesirable ?high? effect. Once you understand all there is to know about CBD products, you will be well placed to examine lab reports from third parties and make appropriate decisions.

3. Know what you want in a Product

Understanding the basics is not enough to get the best possible CBD oil products that meet your needs. You will need to consider other crucial factors such as price, taste, concentration, and ease of use.

If you chose to go for edibles, e-liquids, or tinctures, then you will need to be extra cautious about the taste. Preferably, we recommend settling for products with no after taste. This means that you will have to counter check severally before choosing a product of interest.

Always check for concentration statistics. Some products are raw, while others are filtered. If you fail to countercheck concentration levels, then you might end up buying contaminated products online.

4. Have a Specific Product Type in Mind

There are four ways of ingesting CBD to your system. Some of the options include ingestion, inhalation, sublingual, and topical applications. If your desired products are edibles, then you should shop for products such as gummies. Tinctures and pastes fall in the sublingual category. You can also choose to go the inhalation way if you are a fan of vaping.

However, be sure to select products that are easiest for you to use. Edibles and tinctures are among the easiest, stress-free ways to consume CBD.

5. Ask for Third-Party Lab Reports

A certificate of Analysis (COA) is essential when buying CBD products online. A legitimate company should be capable of verifying its claims. A COA should be readily available when dealing with genuine CBD dealers to verify product concentration levels.

If a dealer hesitates to provide relevant lab statistics and documentation, you should consider that as a red flag and move as far away as possible from the site.


When buying CBD products online, you need to be extra careful to ensure that you get value for your money. A lot of dealers will argue that their products are genuine; however, it is up to you to take the extra step and verify their claims.

Always check on crucial but straightforward factors such as customer reviews, labeling, and company legitimacy. If you are a first-timer, take your time to compare several products from different sites. Never rush into making a purchase; after all, good things take time.

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