PurePower Warming PowerBalm

1 oz (30ml)  jar of full spectrum hemp-CBD oil warming balm which contains a synergistic blend of full spectrum hemp and other potent plant extracts and oils to support muscle recovery and restoration.


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Product Description

Whether you’re an elite athlete, a weekend warrior or just looking to remain active as you age, you understand how much tired and sore muscles need relief. Our Warming PowerBalm uses Mother Nature’s finest botanicals to soothe sore muscles quickly and naturally.


  • Supports muscle soreness after physical exertion*
  • Stimulates blood flow to the area of application*
  • Aids in the reduction of NSAIDs usage to manage pain and inflammation*
  • Gets you back in the game quicker*

The PurePower Guarantee: Try it and if you don’t feel a difference, it’s money back time. There’s no risk.

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