Plant People Be Calm CBD Capsules 30 Count


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Plant People Be Calm CBD Capsules 30 Count Enjoy Plant People Be Calm CBD Capsules 30 Count, a daily capsule formulated with regeneratively grown hemp extract (CBD) and adaptogenic herbs to promote balance, soothe stress, and rejuvenate the body and mind. Each of the 30 capsules includes 15mg CBD + 525mg of herbs. Ingredients Organic Cannabidiol (CBD) Albizia bark and flower (10:1 Ratio Extract) Avena sativa (4:1 Ratio Extract) Ashwagandha (std. 5% Withanolides) Schisandra berry (std. 9% Schisandrins) Holy Basil Leaf (10:1 Extract Ratio) L-Theanine (99% Extract) How to Use Take 1-3 capsules DAILY any time of day For optimal results, continue to take 1-3 capsules every day for at least 7 days About Plant People After all, plants power people. The founders of Plant People believe we all rely on our planet’s plants for a balanced climate and good health. Thats why this brands mission is to connect and heal through the power of plants. Theyve crafted products to harness that incredible power, helping people with a wide range of needs. Plant People is a philosophy. Alongside its high quality and innovative products, the company exists to empower people in making alternative and altogether more positive choices when it comes to healing the body and mind. Furthermore, Plant People sources best plant genetics and uses the best extraction methods and delivery systems. In fact, with the help of alternative medicine doctors and scientists, this team tirelessly experiments with herbs, hemp strains, and botanicals. Because of this, they are able to discover and share powerful, effective, and innovative formulas.