NU-X CBD Relax Shot – Blueberry 30mg 2oz


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NU-X CBD Relax Shot – Blueberry 30mg NU-X CBD Relax Shot – Blueberry 30mg takes the edge off with a 100% natural hemp extract CBD shot. Each two-ounce shot has 30mg of cold-extracted CBD to help you relax at the end of a hard day. No THC means that you never need to worry about any psychoactive effects. Features Each two-ounce shot contains 30 mg of CBD extracted from NU-X partners’ responsibly-USA-grown hemp plants. A tasty blueberry flavor walks the line between sweet and tart, just like you’d expect. Blueberry Flavored Portable and Perfect for On-the-Go 2oz (60ml) Bottle Non-GMO and Vegan Full Spectrum CBD sourced from hemp grown in the USA THC Non-Detected Third-Party Tested Hemp Extract Why choose CBD drinks or NU-X Relax Shots? CBD edibles, including hemp-infused drinks, are paving the way for new users to try CBD products. They’re not as intimidating as other edibles or CBD-infused vape juice. Furthermore, they’re also pretty tasty, too. Plus, they offer hydration and better absorption. Every NU-X® On-the-Go CBD Infused Relax Shot is easy to keep in a pocket or bag for quick access. Weighing in at two ounces each, these Relax shots are perfect for slow sipping. However, they’re also small enough to just knock down the hatch in a single swig. More to love about NU-X and Relax Shots Relax shots are made with college students and professionals in mind. The team at NU-X realizes that life comes at us quickly. Sometimes, you need a small, incognito CBD boost to help you unwind. After all, NU-X makes every Relax shot with the same level of quality you’d expect from any NU-X product. They believe that everyone deserves access to the best CBD products without having to worry about quality or purity. In fact, if you like their On-the-Go CBD Infused Relax Shot, make sure you check out their Awake Shot featuring CBD and Caffeine!