Nganic CBD Salve Extra Strength 2,000 mg -THC Free


Soothing & pain relieving topical CBD Salve made from organically grown Colorado hemp

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CBD Salve Usage

When using our Salve, just dip your finger in the jar and apply to the desired area of your skin.  When deciding how much to use, start with less and build up until you find an amount that works.  Please keep in mind you may find yourself having to apply various amounts on different days due to how your body is doing one day to the next, or if you are applying for different circumstances.

CBD Lab Testing

It doesn’t matter what CBD product you are using, it is of the utmost importance to make sure the products are tested in a certified lab that is familiar with testing for CBD and other cannabinoids, and Salve is no Exception.  Have confidence in what you purchase from Nganic, we post lab results both on our product pages and on our lab results page.