MagicalButter Magical Glove


The Magical Glove has several important features that give the user safe handling. Made of silicone, it’s durable and heat resistant when handling liquids made in the MB2e. It also features the non-slip LoveGrip™ and is easy to clean. Factor in a one-size-fits-all design.

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MagicalButter Magical Glove Features:

  • Extremely durable, heat-resistant, 100% pure silicone for cushioned comfort
  • Five-finger glove design and raised LoveGrip nubs ensure non-slip grip no mitt can match.
  • Won’t absorb stains or odours-dishwasher safe
  • Safely handle food in boiling water, hot oven or BBQ grill.
  • Can easily open tight jar lids.
  • Safely use harsh cleaners-over 420 uses!

Made of pure Silicone, durable and heat resistant when handling infusions made in the machine.

Features Non-Slip LoveGrip™Waterproof and dishwasher safe. Oils, sauces, and food particles rinse off easily.

Dimensions Weight: 400g Width: 7 Inches Height: 11 Inches Product Depth: 1 Inches