Ketodiol Oil CBD Diet Supplement


Ketodiol is a great companion to your Keto Diet. Combining the healthy nutritional benefits of hemp oil and the fat burning properties of MCT oil is the perfect recipe for helping you stay in the Ketosis stage longer. Give your Keto Lifestyle a Boost with Ketodiol today!

Ketodiol 1oz Tincture Oil

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Ketodiol is a powerful hemp-based nutritional product that is specifically engineered to support a healthy Ketogenic Diet. Ketodiol is a proprietary blend of Hemp and MCT Oil that delivers healthy fatty acids and essential vitamins which may help prolong the Ketosis stage.

All product contains less than .3% THC

Why Hemp is Essential in Your Keto Diet

  • Hemp Oil provides fatty acids such as Omega-3 as well as essential vitamins such as A, C and E.
  • Hemp is also a low carb and high protein ingredient that blends perfectly into your Keto lifestyle.
  • Achieving and maintaining a Ketosis state can be stressful. Hemp is a non-psychoactive ingredient that promotes less stress and provides healing properties within the body.


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