Kat’s Craft Collection – 2000 mg CBD Sublingual


Kat’s Craft Collection uses all the naturally occurring compounds from the Tennessee-1 Hemp strain to jump-start the entourage effect. To experience the soothing benefits of hemp, try Kat’s Craft Collection while supply lasts.

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Capture your “plant in a bottle”. A 4 oz, four month supply of premium, single strain origin CBD oil in a hand crafted collectible bottle! Each 4 oz bottle contains 2000 mg of Full Spectrum CBD oil and is designed to last approximately four months.

Packed with naturally producing cannabinoids and terpenes, Kat’s Craft Collection is hemp in a bottle. Developed from a single point of origin, this potent full spectrum CBD sublingual oil combines all of the nutrients from the Tennessee-1 strain to unleash the entourage effect. The formula and product design pay homage to the unique, lively, and artistic Tennessee culture. And the artwork on the bottle was created by local Tennessee artist, Status Serigraph. To get a taste of Tennessee and encounter the therapeutic benefits of the hemp plant, buy Kat’s Craft Collection today!

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