FloChi CBD Chocolate Bar – Toasty Molé 80mg

FloChi CBD Chocolate Bar Toasty Molé combines their signature dark chocolate with toasted almonds, crunchy clusters of buttery toffee, a dash of sea salt, and the complex flavors of their molé blend. Infused with Irwin Naturals premium full-spectrum hemp extract containing CBD, this spicy treat will power you through your day.

With 80 mg CBD† per bar full-spectrum hemp extract.

†Crafted to contain approximately 80 mg of CBD per bar, which is naturally occurring in full-spectrum hemp extract and so will vary in quantity from crop to crop.


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Product Description

FloChi CBD Chocolate Bar – Toasty Molé 80mg Ingredients: Dark chocolate (cacao beans, cacao butter, pure cane sugar, soy lecithin, vanilla), almond, toffee bits (sugar, butter, vanilla, sea salt), chile blend (pasilla, cascabel, ancho, mulato), sesame seeds, sea salt, Full-Spectrum Hemp extract.