CBDoobie Pre-Rolled Herbal Mix (Choose Strain – Buy More & Save Big!)


Looking for a more convenient way to enjoy some flowers? These pre-rolls do the hard work for you so you can sit back with your favorite strain and enjoy. This organic, pharmaceutical-grade hemp is fully untreated for maximum purity and quality.

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CBDoobie Pre-Rolled has a generous amount of raw, shake-free hemp that comes from organic plant material without any shortcuts during the manufacturing process. Each pre-roll provides phenomenally fresh flavor, with high levels of naturally occurring cannabinoids and terpenes for a full spectrum experience.OG Kush: A highly sought-after balanced hybrid that’s got a sweet and spicy flavor, great for any time of day.Super Lemon Haze: A great daytime strain that’s heavy on the sativa, with a lemony flavor that’s fresh and zesty.Jack Herer: A buzzing sativa with earthy notes that can add some bounce to your step.Strawberry Diesel: A balanced hybrid with bliss-maximizing capabilities and a rich and sweet strawberry taste.CBDoobie Pre-Rolls contain only pure, unprocessed hemp that can be smoked with almost no effort on your part. Choose a strain and enjoy some of the freshest flower around.


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