Cannatera Revive Serum


Cannatera Revive is an all-in-one facial serum formulated to revitalize your skin. This potent serum made with cannabinoid-rich hemp extract increases cell turnover, resurfaces the skin, and reduces breakouts, all while keeping inflammation at bay.

Several plant extracts are used to protect your gentle skin against UV damage and blue light-induced skin damage, while other potent active ingredients come together to resurrect your skin to its youthful beauty. As a result, your skin will return to its soft, supple, and blemish-free glory.

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The Revive Serum by Cannatera features a potent blend of ingredients that fight aging and keep your skin youthful and hydrated. Hyaluronic acid plays a key ingredient in this serum, ensuring that the skin retains water and keeps the skin soft and plump. Resveratrol conditions the skin against stress and wrinkles, effectively keeping the skin youthful and fresh. Two other extracts, known as swertia chirata and tremella fuciformis sporocarp support skin cell regeneration and supple skin tone. These ingredients play a key role in keeping your skin youthful and soft.

The Revive serum is the second step in a three-part skincare routine that Cannatera has perfected. The addition of hemp extract allows for a calming and relaxing effect, swirled with comforting notes of lavender for a sweet and familiar scent. If you’re looking to incorporate CBD products into your routine and enjoy a good spa day, try out the entire lineup from Cannatera and spoil yourself from home! Revive your skin and reclaim your skin’s youthful vibrancy with this smooth and silky Revive Serum from Cannatera!