Cannatera Refresh Cleanser


Cannatera Refresh Cleansing Gel provides a gentle cleanse to your skin utilizing Cannabinoid-rich hemp extract, essential oils, fresh enzymes, and plant extracts. Using this cleanser will help keep your skin feeling hydrated, balanced, and soothed. Cannatera’s cleanser is full of antioxidants that keep your skin rejuvenated and promotes calm and glowing skin.

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The Refresh Cleanser by Cannatera presents a smooth and refreshing way to start your daily skincare routine! Infused with pure hemp extract and hints of lavender, this cleanser rids your skin of noxious impurities and leaves your skin smooth and supple.

Several other fruit extracts, such as pomegranate and citrus are also infused into this cleanser for a rich and exotic texture that your epidermis will love. The anti-aging properties of this cleanser keep your skin young and vibrant, all while bringing life back into your cheeks. The balancing properties of the hemp and lavender provide calming relief for those suffering with inflammation and age-accelerating stresses such as free radical defense.

Finally, the rejuvenating properties brings youth and vitality to your skin’s tired pores, allowing you to treat yourself to a spa treatment at home and abroad!

The 4 oz. bottle is the first setup in a three-part lineup that promises to last you for many morning wake-up washes, as well as end-of-the-day refreshers. Treat your skin to a fresh and unique product that utilizes the wonderful properties of the hemp plant and see how the wonders of CBD infusion can make a difference in your skin today!