Cannaflower™ Hawaiian Haze CBD Hemp Flower


With tasting notes of sour citrus and tropical fruit, Cannaflower Hawaiian Haze CBD Hemp Flower is a great relaxing strain for anytime, day or night.

Hawaiian Haze is not known as “The Vacation Strain” without good reason. With an aroma of flora and tropical fruits, when you smell this hemp flower you’ll be transported to the tropics. These island notes begin with the nose and linger long after the final taste. Most users detect a hint of pineapples, while others also report pine, lemon-lime citrus and mangos.

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Relax and unwind with crowd favorite Cannaflower™ Hawaiian Haze CBD Hemp Flower. Like sunshine on your shoulder, this tropical delight is a soothing treat anytime, day or night.

Waves of warm citrus, sour diesel, and tropical fruit simply roll through this hemp flower. High levels of CBD as well as a solid balance of Myrcene, b-Caryophyllene, a-Bisabolol and trace Borneol, make Hawaiian Haze a great anytime strain and a top choice for when the body needs a little TLC.

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