Cannaflower™ Abacus CBD Flower


With a great nose and and a striking color, this newcomer Cannaflower™ Abacus CBD Flower is a perfect downtime strain that hemp flower enthusiasts simply love. Along with the relaxing qualities of an indica-dominant flower, deep purple hues and notes of citrus and gas set this flower apart. This is the new generation of hemp genetics and flowers like this prove that an alternative cannabinoid profile can be every bit as exciting and dynamic as any of its higher THC cousins.

These purple tinged buds deliver all the relaxing goods of an indica-dominant flower.

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Cannaflower™ Abacus CBD Flower is an indica dominant strain that announces itself on the nose with lasting impressions of citrus, pepper and undertones of sour diesel. The heady initial perfume gives way to a smooth earthy smokability. One of only a few true indica-dominant hemp strains, Abacus is a great fit for when you are looking to wind down and relax.

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