AndHemp Topical Relief Oil Spray

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AndHemp Topical Relief Oil Spray offers pain relief in travel-size convenience for those that need a quick remedy on the go. Just a few sprays can help soothe aches that come with long distance traveling.

Don’t ever leave home without it and keep your aches and pains at bay with this fantastic Pain Oil Spray from AndHemp!

  • Made from THC Free Broad Spectrum Distillate
  • Grown, Harvested and Tested in the USA


Out of stock

Product Description

The Pain Oil Spray by AndHemp delivers pain relief in a 2 oz. bottle, perfect for keeping in your jacket pocket or purse. Traveling can cause your muscles to tighten and stiffen uncomfortably, due to limited movement and stress. Treat those aching muscles and make the most of your vacation with a soothing spray that relaxes your tired and tense muscles. The spray has an oily texture, very similar to sunscreen, but it acts like a vapor rub in liquid form.

AndHemp Topical Relief Oil Spray has a calming menthol scent and sinks deep into your pores to loosen up your aches and pains in a matter of minutes, offering soothing relief that will having you breathing a sigh of appreciation.

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