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Are you dealing with chronic pain and soreness? If so, then our new CBD balm is the perfect solution. This 500 mg Barrier Balm is a very potent CBD balm. It contains 500 mg of CBD. That’s because it is here to serve and protect your skin! It is more powerful than a CBD lotion and many otherc CBD topical products. Other companies put only trace amounts of CBD into their hemp balm or hemp oil lotion products.Not us: our goal is to create CBD products that really work. After all, we want to create loyal customers who keep coming back! And with 500 mg of CBD per gram of our CBD balm, you can bet you are getting one of the strongest CBD balm products in market place today.Again, this CBD balm is highly potent, clocking in at about 500 mg of CBD per every one ounce container. Unlike other options, our CBD balm doesn’t contain empty fillers or low amounts of CBD. CBD topical products like that can leave you feeling lackluster. But ours is packed with CBD and is a powerful hydrating balm. As a result, you only need to use a little bit of this hemp balm to get great results.Ingredients:Each container contains 1 ounce of CBD balm, which contains 500 mg of CBD.But what else in our CBD barrier balm? Let’s take a look at some of the wonderful ingredients that will be treating your skin to hydration like it’s never known before: Organic CBD oil
Organic olive fruit oil
Mango seed butter
Kokum seed butter
Cranberry seed oil
Raspberry seed oil
Organic sunflower seed oil
Poppy seed oil
In all of our CBD topical products you can be assured of full traceability through complete vertical integration, no GMO hemp cultivars, 100% legal sources, and the use of organic farming practices. In other news, our CBD balm is also non GMO! This CBD balm is a CBD topical product you can feel good about buying. Your skin will thank you, too.Directions: Not sure how to use our CBD balm? It’s always best to do your research and make sure you know what you’re doing before you add any new product to your regimen — skin care or otherwise.Here are a few pointers for using this hemp balm in the optimal way: This CBD balm, as its name suggests, is for external use only.
Apply CBD balm to clean skin and massage well.
Do not apply to the face or to broken or sensitive skin.
This hemp balm is great for dry or parched skin, like giving it a cool drink of water on a hot day!
One thing to keep in mind? If your skin is currently itching, scratched, burned, or even just extra sensitive, it’s best to use another means to buy CBD oil online.A quick note on the body’s endo cannabinoid system and how it relates to this CBD topical product: The main physiological function of the cutaneous Endo cannabinoid System (ECS) is to consistently impact the proper and well balanced proliferation, differentiation, and survival of immune competence and/or tolerance of skin cells.The Patch TestAs with any skin or external product, you should always do a patch test. Trying the new product out on a small area of your skin before you introduce the product to the entirety of your skin is just a wise idea. By doing this, you may be able to prevent a serious skin emergency!Though CBD topical products are gentle and nourishing to the skin in most cases, you can never be too careful when it comes to your body’s largest organ. Before applying CBD balm or any other CBD topical product to your skin, apply it to a small area or spot only. Wait a few minutes and make sure that nothing happens and your skin has no reaction. As long as your skin seems to be reacting well to the new product, you can go ahead and apply it generally, liberally, and however you would like.Of course, if any irritation does develop, you should discontinue use immediately. Then, you might want to possibly consult with your dermatologist.Most of the time, CBD is very gentle on the skin and only has a positive effect. It’s unlikely that you will experience irritation unless you tend to be prone to it.Benefits of CBDWhat’s the use of CBD? Wondering why people even turn to CBD in the first place? The answer is quite simple. CBD is a wonderful plant product that is making headlines.Why? Well, it seems to be working wonders for people. People report a surprising variety of benefits through their use of CBD. For example, CBD is thought to be able to help with everything from Alzheimer’s to epilepsy to anxiety and depression. Of course, it is not a medical treatment and the FDA has not provided its seal of approval yet. Still, the changes that CBD has already created in recent years are astounding.In fact, people are even turning to CBD for their pets! Yep, that’s right. You can use CBD oil to help treat your furry friend’s issues with anxiety, nervousness, chronic pain,…


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