Savage CBD creates safe, hemp-derived CBD product to improve peoples quality of life and restore balance. Savage CBD products are made with all-natural, hemp-derived CBD and the purest ingredients. Each batch is carefully tested to ensure quality, consistency, taste, and authenticity.

Shop a variety of Savage CBD products including Savage CBD Gummies, CBD Oils, Tinctures, and lotions, CBD Pet Spray and more.

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  • Edible Gummies by Savage CBD


    Savage CBD Gummies are the most delectable gummies coming from your favorite vendor! Savage CBD offers gummies, 6 pieces per bag (50mg each) totaling 300MG per bag. Perfect for people on the go who are looking for a sweet and chewy snack!

  • Essentials by Savage CBD Full Spectrum Sunscreen


    Savage CBD Essentials presents their premiere sunscreen.  With an SPF of 30 and high-quality CBD, Savage CBD sunscreen will leave your skin protected so you can enjoy your fun day in the sun.

  • Essentials by Savage CBD Softgels


    Now you can enjoy CBD where ever you are! Available in a 8 count and 30 count, the Savage CBD Softgels pack a nice soothing dose of 25mg of full spectrum CBD per capsule!

  • Essentials by Savage Lemon Lime CBD Tincture (1000mg)


    Savage CBD Lemon Lime CBD Tincture tastes like real lemons! Enjoy this blast of lemon flavor sublingually, in your drink, on your favorite meal or in anything else.

    Enjoy this blast of tart citrus flavor and relax into the soothing world of lemon and lime-flavored CBD tincture from Essentials by Savage CBD!

  • Savage CBD Essentials CBD Full Spectrum Aloe Vera


    Savage CBD Essentials presents CBD Full Spectrum Aloe Vera.  This soothing CBD aloe is the perfect after sun remedy.  Use it after a day at the pool, beach, or really any time your skin needs that extra soothing touch.

  • Savage CBD Lemonade CBD Drink Powder


    Savage CBD’s drink mix was designed for people on the go. When you open the drink mix for the first time you get a wonderful smell of flavor.

    Savage’s Lemonade CBD Drink Mix is perfect for on the go, just add one scoop of this powder into water. This Drink Mix Has 150mg CBD which is a perfect amount of CBD per serving. Savage CBD’s drink mix is made with a proprietary blend of Nano-Spectrum CBD.

    Savage CBD Drink Powder also available in Orange-Ade and Pink Lemonade flavors.

  • Savage CBD Monthly CBD Box


    Savage CBD knows how important quality really is. That’s why they created a monthly CBD box for their customers. While there are many options for CBD subscriptions on the market, the Savage CBD monthly CBD box is a very cost-effective solution for our customers. Every month you can count on a new, unique box of the newest Savage CBD offerings. If you want to stop your subscription you can at any time.

    *Note: Products displayed in pictures are not always included in the monthly box.

    Choose from 3 tiers of monthly CBD subscription box.

  • Savage CBD Orange-Ade CBD Drink Powder


    Savage CBD’s premium drink mix in Orange-Ade flavor. Simply add one scoop of Savage CBD Orange-Ade CBD Drink Powder to water to enjoy our Nano-Spectrum CBD.

    Each container is 12 oz and contains a total of 24 drinks in 8-12 oz of water. Each scoop is 6.25mg of CBD.

    Savage’s CBD Drink Powder is also available in Lemonade and Pink Lemonade Flavors

  • Savage CBD Pet Spray


    You would do anything for your furry friend. You make sure they get the best food, the best exercise, the best everything.. so why not give them the best CBD relief? Now, with Savage CBD Essentials CBD Pet Spray, your furry loved ones can enjoy the best CBD in the industry!

    60mL bottle with 500mg of Savage CBD full spectrum blend.

  • Savage CBD Pink Grapefruit CBD Tincture (1000mg)


    Savage CBD Pink Grapefruit Tincture delivers a robust tincture that is flavored to taste just like ripe grapefruits! Enjoy a few drops under your tongue, in your morning tea, or even your evening meal! Tinctures can be added to almost anything, so feel to experiment and see what creations you’ll come up with.

    Whatever way you decide, you can be sure your taste buds will marvel at the exquisite citrus flavor and your mind will fully appreciate the healing powers of CBD in every drop!

    Available in 1000mg, 1500mg, and 2000mg strengths.

Showing all 10 results